Sucker Punch Confirms Working On Next Project Over Twitter

It seems Sucker Punch has confirmed they are working on their next project over twitter. Going to have to scroll down.

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LarVanian2147d ago

It would have been better if it was announced during the conference, but oh well there's always Gamescon :).

Godmars2902147d ago

Not if it wasn't ready.

We've really had enough of that.

LarVanian2147d ago

Good point. But still, a quick teaser trailer would have been nice.

pangitkqb2145d ago

I'm a huge Sucker Punch fan. Been loving inFamous 2. I can't wait to see what they are working on.

detroitmademe2147d ago

thats true,sucker punch is another 1 of those great devs,looking foward to seeing wat thier working on.isnt it rumored to have multiplayer also?

Abash2147d ago

Im hoping for a Gamescom reveal or at the very least Spike's VGA awards

himdeel2146d ago

Part of me wants inFamous 3 and yet I'm curious to see what else they could do but then if they did do something different and I dont like it as much I'm going to feel like, "Why didn't SuckerPunch just do another inFamous?!"

It's a catch 22 but I'm still excited to see what they have. Either way I HOPE there game comes out about the same time I1 and I2 came out next year around the spring time.

LAZL0-Panaflex2146d ago

Hell yeah. Best franchise ever!

TLG19912145d ago

i think its to soon for infamous 3. leave it for next gen i say and just work on a good story for it now. i really want to see what else sucker punch can do with a new IP

Prcko2146d ago

they have to work on new project,they need money for company!

RememberThe3572146d ago

Well not shit they're working on their next project. What did you think, Sony bought them to sit with their thumbs up their butts all day?

Tidybrutes2146d ago

Of course they're working on their next project... What else would they be doing? Lol

We already know they now have an in house mo cap suite. Whatever their working on can't wait for some info sucker punch are one of my favourite devs.

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The story is too old to be commented.