Nintendo's E3 Roundtable Starting Right Now: Liveblog Available

Ready for a few more possible surprises? Well Nintendo's official E3 Roundtable is happening tonight and is quite literally starting right now, so hurry up and finish reading this!

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dark-hollow2261d ago

"I know on the Internet there are plenty of message boards, but I hate when people go onto message boards and complain about games they've never played."

lol so true, nintendo. so true!

majiebeast2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Dont need to play some games to see they look damn awful. Ill keep my judgement open on Zombii U, even though i get the same feeling as when i saw red steel.

neutralgamer192261d ago

Wii u def not next gen oh how thyve disappointed

Sgt_Slaughter2261d ago

If you could type a sentence without a 2nd grade grammar level I might not get a headache reading this.

Anyway, the Wii U is definitely next-gen; Improved graphics, 1080p/60 fps standard, multiple control options, and it's called Wii U for a reason. It's the Wii successor and no one's gonna stop that from coming to the market.

shackdaddy2261d ago

The multiplayer for NSMU sounds pretty cool. Gives a spin to speed runs...

guitarded772261d ago

From Live Blog

"06:42:15 PM PDT
You can talk to Miis to find out where they're from, how many coins they've collected, and other information.
06:41:47 PM PDT
The Miis gathered in the park are apparently "visiting from all around the world."
06:41:24 PM PDT
Miiverse will be connected and integrated into NintendoLand through the park.
06:41:04 PM PDT
You also win coins by accomplishing Achievement-style challenges.
06:40:34 PM PDT
You can win coins by playing the attractions and then use those coins to unlock various bonuses around the park."

Looks like Nintendo's achievements/trophies will be "coins". Awesome!

chanmasta2261d ago

Batman in the next Smash Bros. game. I called it.