Gears Of War: Judgment: "We've Softened Games Too Much" - Cliffy B

Gears of War Judgment has been discussed by Cliffy B at E3 2012, where he explains the new increased difficulty and how Epic drew inspiration from Dark Souls. He also explains new dynamic spawns and tweaked controls.

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fastrez2302d ago

This is actually cool to know. Props to Dark Souls.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2302d ago

Oh yeah, the locust are back in town. They are so much cooler than the lambent/glowies...

Lord_Sloth2302d ago

So maybe you should try and make a game like Dark Souls as well? Finish this then try your hand at the sword, dude. We can never have too many sword games about!

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solar2302d ago

The days of hard difficulty has been gone this gen. To sell games in this mainstream greedy developer world you have to hide casual inside the hardcore game for sales. Thats why we have regenerative health, cover systems where you see the enemies, bad AI. Games have shifted to being best sellers and appealing to the masses.

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