Halo 4 Weapons List Detailed Blowout

GR - "Halo 4 Weapons Guide: Here's a list of all the Halo 4 weapons and armaments you'll have to play with in the game's single and multiplayer modes."

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SJPFTW2267d ago

so i guess this means no duel wielding? that makes me a sad panda

h311rais3r2267d ago

They said no dual wielding because it makes the weapons useless unless dual wielded. And even then when they are dual wielded balancing is hard

Laxman2267d ago

Yep. Useless when used as single weapons, overpowered when used together.

JKelloggs2267d ago

Glad that the DMR and BR are both going to be in the same game this time around, and I like the new plasma sword

m232267d ago

OMG at the forerunner weapons.

Kingdom Come2267d ago

We have confirmation that this isn't the full list of weapons. There's more to come!

Zoron0072267d ago

So this actually semi-answered my question why the covenant are attacking. It says there was an Elite civil war after Halo 3. But as to why there are there is unknown along with why other covenant are there