Sony E3 2012 Press Conference: The good, the bad, the ugly and the missing

XMNR: Sony’s E3 presentation on Monday was bolstered by a solid line-up of first-party games for the Playstation 3 but there were still some oddities and disappointments particularly for PS Vita owners. Like my look at Microsoft’s E3 conference, I slept on it for a night before putting together the good, the bad, the ugly and the missing.

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MattyG2260d ago

? It isn't even a zombie game. I know, I know, "They're infected, same thing!". But there were no zombies/infected/whatever in that whole demo. In fact, we haven't seen any infected in any TLoU related videos since the VGAs.

dark-hollow2260d ago

yeah, i love the vibe and the tense atmosphere of TLOU.
making the health non regeneratable (i think so? i didnt see his health goes up when he was damaged) is a nice change over the bloody flashy screens camp-for-5-seconds till your health is back trend of todays game.

MattyG2260d ago

Yeah, I was really surised to see that health didn't regenerate. It'll add alot to the scary and tense moments.

ReservoirDog3162260d ago

Last of Us was easily the most breathtaking of E3 outside of maybe Watch Dogs.

But where's the rumored Kingdom Hearts HD Collection? 8'[

raha2260d ago

The Wonderbook thing dragged on a little too long IMO but other than that, I was very impressed with Beyond and Last of Us.

I will get a Vita eventually.

MattyG2260d ago

I can see the Wonderbook becoming the next Mr. Caffine haha

darx2260d ago

I can see it becoming the next Home.

SonyStyled2260d ago

really? i wasnt that impressed with the last of us. it looked like it was everything weve been through with uncharted both graphically and gameplay wise. am i saying im dissapointed with the game? f*** no! im super excited for it. i cant wait to get my hands on it, but my point is, it looks like everything weve seen from uncharted before. just really really violent for a change. on another note, a vita is in my future too. but right now im too pleased with my ps3 to shift my attention to something else. hmmm... that white vita bundled with AC3 looks like a real nice christmas present to myself :)

neutralgamer192260d ago

Best e3 conference although not many surprises. Last of us and beyond was easily better thn anything shwn by the big three.

Assassins creed 3 looked good abd had watchdogs been running on a consoke it would have been in my top three but ubisoft confirmed it was running on high end pc

nevin12260d ago

Video Games is heading into a boring gimmicky direction.

ShaunCameron2260d ago

And you have only the "real" gamers to thank.

SonyStyled2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

i wont say im exactly disapointed, but maybe my expectations where a little high. i was almost expecting to to see Agent, The Last Guardian, LBP Karting, Dust 514 and Sly 4 at the press conference. also with sony saying theve got "uber exciting stuff for ps plus" and the rumor of the cloud streaming service, i thought a cloud streaming service would be coming via ps plus. and then there was an article posted on this site that Hideo Kojima was spotted at the sony camp. what on earth could he be doing there except to announce something? like he wouldnt take a flight from japan to california for nothing. i thought PS gamers were in for something special. but alas, it was pretty empty regarding exciting suprises, besides the good stuff sony had in store that was expected (GOW, TLOU, Quantic Dream etc.) also, i was hoping to maybe see an announcement of KZ4 or a glimpse of the KZ for the Vita, but you cant put all your eggs in one basket. theres still Gamescom and TGS to come. maybe we will see a bit of what i posted above then

dubt722260d ago

Kojima would be there like a lot of others, to rub elbows with his comrades and to see people he may not get to see at other times of the year.