The Last Guardian Still In Development

At DICE in February earlier this year, Sony's president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said the game was being reworked after running into techincal issues. When asked today at E3, Yoshida was unable to provide any new updates, but did say the game was coming along.

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theunleashed642267d ago

i wished they showed it during their press conference. i'm curious as to how far it's come along the development process that and some live demo gameplay would of been nice.

Mac is OK2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Maybe is just wishful thinking, but maybe they didn't show it because it's now a PS4 game. Considering how good it looked originally, maybe they just couldn't make it run properly on the PS3 and moved it to next gen.

Freak of Nature2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I have mentioned this a few times here. I believe that when Santa Monica jumped in to help that they have gone straight to the PS4 with the game. Ueda's vision probably went past what the PS3 could deliver. This is more a plan for something better than a production from Hell problem...

The game was probably only coming in 2013 anyways, and with this thought they could really see this game become something extra special with the extra power of the PS4. Lots of new and brilliant ideas can now be implemented with the extra horse power...From eye candy to game play.

I was really hoping to hear something on this, perhaps something will still come out at this E3 behind closed doors. This game and Media Molecules new IP are 2 of the top 5 or so games I am really anticipating.

Hoje03082267d ago

I was wondering if they would decide to move it to PS4 after the development problems started. If we don't see it at TGS I won't be expecting to see it on PS3 anymore.

Aggesan2267d ago

It wouldn't be the first time it happened for Team Ico. Same thing happened to ico, which was first to be released for PSOne.

inveni02266d ago

I would be interested in knowing what he can't pull off on the PS3 after seeing what Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Ubisoft and Sony Santa Monica are able to do. I don't think that his vision "isn't possible" on PS3, but I do believe that maybe they needed a little extra help to get it to work on PS3. You really do have to be the best of the best to meet PS3 gamers' expectations. And your product has to reflect that.

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wildcat2267d ago

I highly doubt it's going to PS4. This is a niche title and will need as big of an installbase as it can get. It will remain a PS3 title.

RedDead2267d ago

Development hell I fear

versusALL2267d ago

Hmm, nice to know it's still alive.

v0rt3x2267d ago

I think it's a good thing that it's still in development. It will need the extra time and surpass everyone's expectations (hopefully)

Virtual_Reality2267d ago

This is the time to reveal something at TGS.

The Great Melon2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

They better, or The Last Guardian will likely end up being the swan song of the PS3. Besides Japanese game studios should show off their work at their Tokyo Game Show.

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The story is too old to be commented.