What does the Beyond: Two Souls E3 trailer tell us?

"Following on from the “Kara” tech video released by Quantic Dream back in March comes Beyond: Two Souls, a brand new IP. But what does the E3 trailer tell us about David Cage’s new project?"

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versusALL2150d ago

That Ellen Page is going to kick some ass!

j-blaze2149d ago

that Quantic Dream is an awesome developer!

v0rt3x2149d ago

That the game will kick some ass!

GamerSciz2149d ago

That she has a ghost companion. Perhaps it is someone that was close to her which will help develop the story even more.

Patriots_Pride2149d ago

From the trailer I got this:

She has super natrual telekinesis powers

The scar on her head suggest that she was a top secret goverment experiment who escaped.

SWAT is trying to get her back but are no match for power so the send more peole like her after her.

bub162149d ago

That ghost companion is us!!!!!!!! ooooo

GamerSciz2149d ago


Pay close attention to the end of the trailer. She says "Come on Iden (spelling), I think they get the message". Except no one else is there. It seems she may get her supernatural powers from this "ghost companion" of hers.

CGI-Quality2149d ago

That Sony has done themselves some good by investing in these types of projects. This and The Last Of Us are them telling us what PlayStation is all about - the experience!

stage882149d ago

That I'll be buying it as soon as it comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.