Among the Big 3 at E3: Sony Impresses, MS Entertains, and Nintendo...

Arec of shares his thoughts about the big 3's E3 conferences. Microsoft focused on media entertainment while Sony stuck to its Playstation exclusives. Nintendo on the other hand failed to impress with its lackluster presentation and lack of excitement.

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versusALL2238d ago

But Ubisoft crushed them all. Surprisingly.

Tony-A2238d ago

I'm just glad Sony didn't have any dancing clowns on stage like Nintendo and (especially) Microsoft did.

With that said, all three managed to do the opposite of what would have been considered even a "good" E3. Seriously, did they all arrange a meeting together and say "Ok, what can we all do at E3 this year to ensure disappointment?"

Nintendo had a strong beginning and went downhill from there.

Microsoft had a strong beginning and had me sleeping by the end.

Sony had a strong beginning and end, but the middle had both boring and WTF moments.

Even Ubisoft had cringe-worthy, unfunny banter, dancing clowns, a stupid random competitive moment between random people and a bunch of awkward moments but STILL managed to beat out the Big 3. What kind of ass-backwards generation are we paying money for where a single developer/publisher beats out the three hardware manufacturers - one with new hardware launching this year??

Tired2238d ago

Msoft could be taking a leaf out of the political playbook. As much as it loathes me to say they are comfortable enough to just relax on their laurals for a year. Without any significant dent to their profits. The die hards will flock to their few first party franchises, CoD could mop up the rest. Then there's whoever needs to justify their kinect purchase will buy whatever casual stuff they throw out. They don't need to try.

My point is they could be lowering expectations with a lackluster presentation. It'll make whatever comes next seem even better. I think they're working on a major launch of the next box and think they'll pull out EVERY stop.

As Sony has shown, the PS3 is still full of juice so I expect them to hold off a little...maybe longer. Then bring out hardware better than the difference between the 2 consoles now. If the price is right that could be a winning strategy.

2238d ago
fatstarr2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

"seriously, did they all arrange a meeting together and say "Ok, what can we all do at E3 this year to ensure disappointment?"

thats what they all did

everyone is sugar coating it, Sony Failed, Nintendo Failed when all they had to do was show off the games and the system not stupid sh_t, and Microsoft sold the fck out. like it was all for the presses and mtv and the casual gamers this year. it had no hard core soul this year everyone came in soft. everyone showed off some sort of casual title that was prolly thrown in to appeal to the stockholders that know nothing.

E3 in a nutshell >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>;> >>>>>> >>>>>>> ;bland kinect, stupid story book, usher at e3 really? , bad hosts more bad hosts, sequels more sequels, prequels, quadrilogys and watch_dogs the savior of the show, boring sony press conference, super smash bros rip off, more sequels and sequels. nintendo starts good with shiggy ends terrible with the land of child crap, more sequels more sequels. bad acting from a fake family with an over emphasis on the wow factor 5 mins of 3Ds saves the day for nintendo and steps them up from a D- to a D C- at best.

after watching e3 since I was like 10, I can say that this was the absolute worst 1 yet.

and anyone who thinks this years E3 was a success is apart of the problem.

Azfargh2237d ago

Really...? The "meh" of Watch Dogs, Rayman, the "Unchartic COD" of Splinter Cell (actually, nothing of the original title is there anymore), once again the tired Assassins Creed, the maximum of mediocriness of Far Cry, the disposable titles (shootmania, just dance) and finally, another Dead Island like trailer of a suspect of boringness of ZombieU.

Even the good old God Of War felt great again! Beyond was suspect but at least rendered in real time, Last Of Us was simply breathtaking even took praises from genius of Platinum Games and Hideo Kojima. But I must say that the Sony fight title was unimpressive to see nothing new.

KentBlake2237d ago

The "meh of Watch Dogs? Seriously? I thought it was the best thing on E3 (even against The Last of Us and Beyond, and they both looked really incredible).

Hufandpuf2238d ago

The BLOPS 2 demo at the end of MSs conference had me bored to tears. They should have ended it with a halo 4 or Gears demo at least.

All in all though, pretty disappointing.

TCG_Returns2238d ago

I thought it was kinda funny to see Usher (Sony recording artist) Hyping up the MS conference and not even their own lol.

Even tho Sony doesnt do the hipster stage shows like MS, i find it a bit ironic.

kneon2237d ago

If I were in charge of Sony's show I wouldn't want anyone as lame as Usher on my stage either.

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izumo_lee2237d ago

Ubisoft was good cause compared to last year with them it was such a train wreck it was embarrassing. It is nice to know they learned from their mistakes & corrected them for this year.

But out of the big 3 Sony was the better cause of their overall presentation (with exception of Wonderbook which i understand WHY it was there) & they knocked it out of the park with the potential of another gem in Beyond & the 'Holy SH*T' of the Last of Us.

Nintendo really let me down cause they had this years E3 in the bag cause they were showing a new system. Unfortunately all they showed were games that came out last year, 2 Mario games that looked to similar, a cool Zombie game & Pikmin. But to end the press conference with Nintendo Land (a replacement for Wii Sports) was depressing.

Microsoft was decent but for the last 3 years we have seen this show before. It was much more of the same thing every year since they introduced Kinect. For whatever reason this Kinect monster has poisoned Microsoft's mind in doing uninteresting things.