The kid is alright: Why we're no longer worried about DmC's Dante

"Capcom incurred some genuine, and genuinely-over the top, wrath when they announced plans to "reboot" the Devil May Cry series with a younger, hipper, cooler Dante. And boy, was the internet hacked off when the Japanese giant revealed his new face and immediately made everyone think of a fourth Jonas brother who'd gone off to be in a goth band."

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Sandmano2261d ago

Too justin beiberish for me.

Yi-Long2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

... although I didn't really care for his snotty voice.

Game looks very promising though. Only thing I have my doubts over is the visual effect that happens in the environment when you change your hair into white.

Still, it's Capcom, so there's no way I'll be buying this for full price at launch: there will be DLC milking and thus a 'complete' version a year later.

Tony-Red-Grave2261d ago

justin beaber is just..... no he's in a different world just like yaoi and twincest fangirls

dark-hollow2260d ago

i think the drama over DmC is too much!
ill wait for the final and see how good it is.

its like wind waker all over again. fans were outrageous over the "kiddy" artstyle when they first saw it, but in the end it was a spectacular game.

moeqawama2260d ago

Lol you're actually right, I don't know why you got the disagrees

VanillaBear2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Wind Waker is totaly differen''s a Zelda game it was going to do well regardless. Plus Nintendo didn't slag off the past Zelda games or it's design...or even the fanbase who liked the other Zelda style.

VanillaBear2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I think you'll find most people are still worried

I just can't believe one well put together trailer can put out peoples worries...after EVERYTHING Ninja Thoery has shown us since it was first announced which has been crap and now all of a sudden some people do a 180 and do the whole "give it a chance speech".

Way to stick to your guns against greedy Capcom and the arrogant bunch at Ninja Thoery who, since this awful reboot was first announced, have done nothing but call the old DMC fanbase (you guys), the creator, the old games and even old Dante himself.

Seriously no wonder Capcom never learns it's lesson and keeps of runing their franchises.

I honestly hope this does crap in sales so they get a wake up call and we might just get DMC5 to tie up the loose ends that never got a resolved ending.

Hufandpuf2261d ago

People are hypocrites... I, however did not care about the change in design. It's a different take on the franchise by a European dev so give it a chance.

Tony-Red-Grave2261d ago

how i see it "it doesn't add, sadly because i heard NT is very good with story telling, or take away from the main story. At worst i own't like the game. At best i'll want it to continue"

i hope that doesn't come off as a rant ust trying to compare my way of thinking to what you said

Tony-Red-Grave2261d ago

you know the fact this exists at all is because DMC4 didn't live up to the expectations capcom had for it. The series was falling and another like GoW which was console exclusive sold 5mill.

But that wasn't the point, sort of, the thing is to capcom this could easily be the last game and i it doesn't sell at least 2mill they could just cut the franchise in general and go in a new direction. The old series was good but i had a major flaw in it's story and character development. By DMC4 was there really anything capcom could do? you know another then make another prequel. Oh and if you even try to say they should make one based of dante's and vergil's child hold.... just stop reading.

Fact is the series was in a decline and the "fans" didn't like it to much so capcom rebooted it to draw more fans while trying to appeal to the old fanbase.

if this game craps in sales forget DMC in general if capcom canceled MML3 they'll cancel DMC in a heartbeat. People have a change of heart, by the way, because their not trolls or haters just worried about aspects of the game and when what you were worried about turns out to be good then whats left?

Biggest2261d ago

They picked the wrong company to re-boot with. My biggest gripe is Ninja Theory. They made one great game, and then decided that the game and its fans were crap. They released a new game that was less in every way, and then decided the world was crap for not getting into it. If this doesn't pop up as a free download on PS+ I won't be wasting time with it.

RyuX192260d ago

DMC4 failed because Capcom was trying squeeze as much money as possible by making it multi-platform mid development and introducing a new character for no reason other than to draw in a bigger audience. It was sad and they could have fixed it by making a new game actually staring the Dante we knew and loved with gameplay topping Bayonetta, but they instead gave up and just gave it to some other company.

But honestly after seeing how Capcom has been in recent times I'm not sure if I really want Capcom to do another DMC.

RyuX192261d ago

People do this all the time. A trailer comes out for a game they are initially hyped and then they realize that it actually is a piece of shit after a few more videos again.

This reboot is so trash. And we can't just talk about Dante anymore, now they have shown Mundus and he looks so stupid.

C L O U D2261d ago

A 30fps Devil May Cry game...that's worrying

MattyG2261d ago

I actually think this could end up being a great game. PS that guy with the mask in the beggining made me think of Anonymous.

RyuX192261d ago

If you didn't know that was supposed to be Vergil.

MattyG2260d ago

Oh, no, I didn't realize.

RyuX192260d ago

Why in the hell would someone disagree with me lol. It was confirmed months ago that Vergil is the leader of The Order and he will look like nothing we have seen before.

We can also see that he has white hair like Dante in the trailer. He also has the same build as Dante so I'm pretty damn sure that is Vergil.

2261d ago
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