E3 2012: Timed Exclusives: Outdated strategy? Does being first really matter?


"Microsoft announced during its media briefing that Black Ops 2, Resident Evil 6, and Tomb Raider would see its DLC on the XBOX 360 in a timed exclusive deal that follows suit the same way that Modern Warfare 3 and GTA IV before them did.

It begs the question: does having timed exclusive DLC really sways the consumer into purchasing the product that has the DLC first?

Does this business strategy really push sales of said game on the platform, or the platform itself?"

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gaminoz2235d ago

I agree. It seems like a stupid outdated idea that only serves to piss people off.

So you have a few weeks of DLC ahead of someone else? Why is that some bragging thing?

LOGICWINS2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Clearly it matters to a large chunk of people out there since MS keeps on doing it and making a profit off it.

Herp derp...why would MS waste revenue on buying timed DLC deals if they weren't seeing a return on it?

You said it best pisses people off. The hope of MS is that it pisses you off enough to buy a 360. If not, they still make profit from the millions of little Timmys out there that spend more time playing BO multiplayer on his 360 than he does interacting with his friends/family.

The worlds a big place friend..not everyone thinks like you.

refocusedman2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Im not exactly sure that it matters to that many people. Whether it was timed DLC or same day DLC the fact of the matter is that the install base for the 360 in the states is considerably larger than that of ps3. That being said, your gonna have more consumers purchasing the DLC on 360 not because its first or last but, because they dont have other options. I know that their are a decent amt of people that own 2 consoles but, the truth is that the number more than likely pales in comparison to the number of single console owners.

gaminoz2235d ago

I think it mattered to begin with, and certainly game or DLC exclusives matter, but not 'timed' DLC.

MS must see something in it, but I'm not convinced it is a strategy with any longevity, until the next consoles

cpayne932235d ago

I have never met anyone who said their reason for getting a 360 is for early dlc. I don't think dlc is that influential in and of itself, epecially not timed dlc.

Outside_ofthe_Box2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Logic is right here.

It apparently does matter sadly. People complaining about it is evidence that people do care about getting DLC at the same time as other consoles.

Besides, Microsoft wouldn't keep doing it if they didn't see any benefit in doing it.

What I'm more concerned about is people buying DLC in the first place. A large percentage of DLC aren't worth a purchase yet people still buy them. That's the bigger issue than timed DLC imo. A lot of these DLCs should be in the game as unlockables or secrets.

trouble_bubble2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

The last major Tomb Raider game, Tomb Raider Underworld, had 2 exclusive DLCs on the 360 yet the PS3 version still sold more according to estimates;
360 .97 million
PS3 1.12 million

I wouldn't call that a great return, yet now they're trying it again. What's the point?

Same with Resident Evil. 360 had an exclusive demo for it months early. Didn't make a lick of difference as the PS3 version sold more also:
PS3 4.67 million

360 3.18 million

What's the benefit in making the same mistake twice, with the same series no less? Clearly with Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, it didn't matter.

TheDivine2234d ago

I think with most the timed dlc and timed exclusives was because the games were all titles people associated with PS. MS stole their biggest games like DMC4, GTA, RE, FF, and to make sure people saw that it wasnt just a ps game they advertised and got dlc deals and times exclusivity, it was smart. People now associate GTA more with the 360 because of it. Cod is because its the most popular franchise this gen. People who play it will choose a 360, if they own 2 consoles they will buy it on 360, if they only have a ps3 they will have to wait while 360 gamers enjoy new maps, dlc's, and zombies. Its now associated with the 360 more just like GTA.

I guess its just an incentive to buy the 360 version or for fps fans buy a 360 not a ps3.

kreate2234d ago

I agree.its a good strategy on microsoft's part. but its most likely microsoft pushes these dlc especially the cod ones to profit on ppl switching/keeping their gold memberships.

something ps3 doesnt have.

sony doesnt see as much of a return on it as ms. so it pisses ppl off cuz some gamers enjoy the ps3's free online while xbox gamers pay. but they still want the same treatment.

but xbox gamers are happy paying cuz they get these dlc perks while ps3 gamers dont.

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Nathaniel_Drake2235d ago

It should be clear even to 360 only owners that MS is doing not to piss people off its just to compensate for very poor amount of exclusives. Think about take timed DLC out of 360, you essentially get another PS3. There is no variety the 360 offers except apps and DLC and Live.

Persistantthug2235d ago

Some are angry about the timed DLC for Tomb Raider and all, but too be fair, Sony does exclusive content DLC that doesn't come to the XBOX 360 at all.
Just now we heard about Assassin's Creed 3's DLC for the PS3, as well as FAR CRY 3's exclusive content.

Then think about last year and part of this year...
There was DEAD SPACE 2 with extra PS3 content.......MORTAL KOMBAT with extra character(s)....LA NOIRE with extra missions......PORTAL 2 With STEAM integration and free PC+MAC versions. If you want to count MASS EFFECT 2 (you might not), it had most of DLC's free on the BLURAY, definitely the superior version if nothing else.

There was also BATTLEFIELD 3 with that 1 week timed nonsense and their gonna do it again, but it also gave 1943 for free.
ASSASSIN'S CREED REVELATION gave Ass Creed 1 free on the BluRay.
STREET FIGHTER vs TEKKEN is bonafide better on the PS3 with more extra characters and extra mode features missing on XBOX 360
BIOSHOCK INFINITE was announced last year to have move support and extra BIOSHOCK 1 game on BluRay

I always hear XBOX 360 fans cheer about their few games with timed DLC, that they have to pay for.....and sometimes I hear PS3 fans moan about it, like here....
But for some reason, no one seems to mention or even notice all of the free DLC and/or extra content that PS3 users don't even have to pay for.......and it's for like 2 and 3 times the number of games vs XBOX 360.

That's one things that bugs me......PS3 goodies seem to always go unnoticed....even by PS3's own fans.

refocusedman2235d ago

I understand what your saying but, timed dlc and exclusive content is very different. Sometimes exclusive content really makes a difference in the game as the case with sf vs tk of bf3 with 1943 download.

NastyLeftHook02234d ago

well said man, also bioshock 1 had ectra game modes for ps3

also ninja gaiden sigma was upgraded on ps3 and oblivion.

BadCircuit2235d ago

It certainly doesn't sway me. I play where my mates are. And that's only because I'm lucky enough to have both PS3 and 360

Belgavion2235d ago

It meant something 5-6 years ago. Not so much now.

PirateThom2235d ago

Same with the exclusive PS3 content for multiplatform games, why should one person who buys the exact same game have to wait or not got content?

It's a ridiculous business tactic and one that needs to go.

LOGICWINS2235d ago

There are some cases where waiting is a good thing. Take Dawnguard for example. Considering how long it took Bethesda to fix Skyrim, I want them to take their time with PS3 DLC.

supremacy2235d ago

It certainly does not affect me in the slightest.

I mean i look at the line up of games each of these companies release exclusively speaking, and then i realize that, by the time i am done with a few exclusives the DLc arrives. And by this time i normally don't even care anymore, but the option becomes available no less.

The worst are those stupid skins people tend to pay for, those sf costumes lol.

AgreeFairy2235d ago

Much like consoles, being first doesn't matter.

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