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Virtua Fighter 5 was one of the first fighting games to come out on this generation of consoles, and as such it has had the longest to stand up to the scrutiny of the fighting game community. It stands as a testament to Virtua Fighter 5's design that people are still running VF5 tournaments to this day (especially in Japan) even though many newer big name fighting titles have come out since its original release.

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Gran Touring2265d ago

A good review and a fair score, though I only have one issue with what was said...:

"Back then, fighting games weren't so big, but now they are all the rage and the fighting game community is bigger than ever."

The fighting game community is the SMALLEST it's ever been. Sales for 2d and 3d fighters across the board are nothing like they were during the PS2 days. The near-death arcade scene essentially everywhere outside of Japan is a testament to that fact.

Dread2265d ago

U said it bro

Unfortunately ur right

Boody-Bandit2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I wonder if the author just started gaming this generation. Fighting games were "all the rage" during Neo Geo, Playstation, Saturn era and fell off pretty hard at the end of the last generation (PS2, XBox).

SFIV reignited the fighting genre a but it's still nothing like it was several years ago. Shooters n RPGs rule the roost now. Fighting games are a niche community as you pointed out GT. I am one of those in that niche, always have been, always will be.