IGN- ZombiU is Real Survival Horror

IGN- In a show that's been very light on surprises so far, it's amusing that a zombie game, of all things, should be one of the biggest. In the absence of the big-hitter Nintendo launch games that we expected to see at E3, ZombiU is the standout title on Wii U at the moment.

It's tense, innovative and genuinely scary, using the touchscreen controller to build tension and force you to think differently as well as expedite control. And - at the moment, anyway - it's got permanent death, which really makes things interesting, especially when one bite is enough to kill you. No recharging health bar here.

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dubal-e2262d ago

Features are very nice. Up the graphics and add multiplayer and you have an epic shooter.

Hatiko2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Not ever game needs multiplayer. But if they can somehow do it right I wouldn't be opposed to it. But survival horror shouldn't have other people, it's about being alone.

ABizzel12262d ago

It's just that no one has really done it right. My idea of in and out co-op especially in a Zombie game would be playing your single player game online until someone joins your game (kind of like how Resident Evil 5, is still single player until someone joins your game).

But instead of replacing an AI partner, that person is randomly set-up somewhere in the level completing their own missions and trying to survive. There's a chance the two of you could meet up and work together, you may not see that person at all, or you could be a total snob and kill them for their goods.

DayZ's has the right idea, but I think a more focused game, with that style of setup with that style of multiplayer in mind would be the way to go for multiplayer in this type of survival horror.

dubal-e2261d ago

Nah man I like the way Call of Duty Zombies and left for dead make you work together and rely on each other to survive.

ABizzel12261d ago


I like that too, but it's not the way to implement co-op into a "horror game". Those are co-op adventures / shooters in a zombie apocalypse setting.

If you want a true horror experience in a zombie game, don't start the characters off with each other, and make it like DayZ, but with a lot more zombies running around.

chasegarcia2262d ago

i hope capcom sht their pants when they saw zombieu