GameTrailers: The Last of Us - E3 2012: Gameplay Walkthrough (Stream)

You've seen the amazing gameplay of The Last of Us, now here it is with commentary from the team behind it.

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Sandmano2238d ago

I have the beta and from what Ive heard from vets its not that great.

Nimblest-Assassin2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

1) How do have the beta?
2) If you heard its not that great... why not play the beta you have? Thats like buying a game, someone saying its not great,and you dont even try the game... you just leave it there
3)Vets help pets everyday... they are great people
4)If your not going to use that "beta" code.. give it to me

Its easy to be anything on the internet

Sandmano2238d ago

LMFAO!!! I could have sworn I commented on a Counter strike Global offenisve video! What the heck!! I didnt even click on this before! Im sure xD

Dee_912238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

wanna give me that counter strike code (o.O)

WOW!!! he just said they couldve skipped that whole damn fighting sequence.
I think my first playthrough im gonna go guns and molotov cocktails blazing.

solidjun52238d ago

wait a have the beta. But you then said "from what i've heard from vets its not great." First of all, why haven't you played it get? Second of all, I didn't know Naughty Dog released a beta.

BlackTar1872238d ago

Don't get trolled people.

Zha1tan2238d ago

or maybe just maybe in the infinite expanse of the universe somebody made a mistake....

Sandmano2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Thank you Zha1tan LOL yes I made a mistake.

P.S The Last Of Us looks great Day 1 buy for me I cant wait to see what their doing with Multiplayer!

ItsMeAgain2237d ago

Lol mate. That was an epic mistake!

Alcohog2238d ago

That guy gave a great interview, lots of info. Too bad the host kept interrupting during interesting segments. Kudos to this guy for being able to get back on topic.

DoomeDx2237d ago

Agreed. He is very annoying.

rbluetank2238d ago

did anybody notice the blood flow from Joel nose at the end of the demo? wtf!! the detail in this game is stunning! day 1

Bathyj2238d ago

Yeah, I liked the blood splatter on the wall from the guy behind the couch, and the desk the last guy had his head rammed into.

Really sells the visceral nature of the gameplay. I wish GoW left bodies and blood splatters.

THC CELL2238d ago

I am going to test the hell out of the ai it looks amazing and life like I hope there is a hardcore mode also. If this is the last of us what will uncharted 4 be

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