Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Tie for Last Place at E3

Forbes, Paul Tassi- "If you can’t tell by the above title, it’s hard for me to say anyone actually did win, when all members of the “big three” put up pretty dismal performances across the board. Someone may have been the “least worst” (that would be Sony, in my opinion), but that’s far from anyone actually outright “winning” by far and away putting on the best keynote of the show.

There was an almost palpable lack of enthusiasm from any of them, with Sony and Microsoft understanding that this is the last year to plug their now ancient consoles, and Nintendo failing to make a splash with any huge announcements for the WiiU, which comes out this holiday. In short, there were almost no big surprises from any camp."

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Snookies122182d ago

I agree, all three were kind of lackluster with small bits of awesomeness in each one.

RedDead2182d ago

Yeah, Nintendo and MS opened great then failed. Sony failed the worst in the middle(book ****) but had a great start and end. However I wish God of war was relaced by something we haven't seen in a while. Got alot of GOW this gen.

MaxXAttaxX2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

You kidding. We hadn't seen GOW single player gameplay until just now.
Everyone wanted to see that because some people were skeptical about the MP.

What they needed to do was cut that wonderbook presentation.
Other than that, everything else shown was GREAT!
I'm really interested in Beyond: Two Souls and I think The Last of Us ended the show with a bang!

And at least they showed some good games though :)

nolson102182d ago

A lot of GOW this gen?? What you mean GOW3 that came out over 2 years ago? The GOW collection was just a remaster of old games so I have no idea how you are saying we have too much GOW this gen...

Yi-Long2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

...cause it was all about the games and us gamers. The only really sucky part was that wonderbook thing or whatever it's called. How lame.

None of the shows 'wowed' me though, but the MS and Nintendo shows were downright BAD.

Best showing BY FAR this year came from Ubisoft though.

PygmelionHunter2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )


Oh really? Because I also remember two of them that were released for the PSP AND they made a PS3 collection of that too, for crying out loud, Nintendo is also guilty of the same, releasing 2 NSMB games in a row? what the eff?

KontryBoy7062181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

A lot of GOW this gen? There's only been 1 new GOW, God of War 3, on the PS3 that is. We are talking since 2007. Can't count the HD remakes. That was just for people who haven't played the series on PS2 before the new one came. You said Nintendo and MS opened great.... How many Mario's have we seen this gen? Too many to count yet Nintendo showed 4 new Mario games. How about how many Halo's on 360? Halo Wars, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Now here come's Halo 4 damn. All this gen... don't for get their remake too as well if you are going to count GOW remake. I think Sony is fine with bringing another God of War.

gaffyh2181d ago

1. Ubisoft
2. Sony
3. Microsoft
4. EA
5. Nintendo

SilentNegotiator2181d ago

"Got alot of GOW this gen"

So far: One on ps3 (soon 2), 2 on PSP.
ZOMG HALP ME!1! Imma drownin in GOW!!

That's funny....I recall a series that is up to 3 this generation on ONE system alone....hmmm, what is that series called? Waldo? No, that's not right....

Oh yeah! Halo! And 4 will make....the fourth game in the series THIS GEN ON ONE SYSTEM!

I'm sooooo surprised that you're deciding to crap on the playstation game instead, though! SOOOOOO surprised!!

yess2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Sony showed a game (Wonderbook, aimed for children and fans of J.K.R) I see nothing wrong with that...

MS made a concert ( Usher, aimed for ???? ) I see something wrong with that...

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GraveLord2182d ago

Sony actually showed exacting new games.
There were some boring parts though. The WonderBook thing and the long Jack Tretton talks..

BlmThug2182d ago

All three were lacking IMO. hey next year atleast, next gen showings from Sony and MS :D

JeffGUNZ2181d ago

Finally, someone with common sense. As much as some want to believe that the ps3 and 360 are microsofts and sonys main thought process now, you would be completely wrong. They are gearing up for next generation. This E3 was all the evidence someone would need to see to understand this was a formality and next E3 the big guns (next gen consoles) will be there. The nextbox will have a release of fall 2013 and the PS4 will probably be a year or so after.

bnaked2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

No, sh*t on Wonder book, i loved Beyond and the Ellen Page News, i liked God of War and AC3, and i f****** loved The Last of Us! So impressive stuff!
MS didn't show "mature" exclusives.. I don't like it anymore, the next halo and gears and forza... Sorry, I'm German and my english may be not that good, but i really think, Sony had the best conference! Watch Dogs and AC3 were great too, but that alone is not a show winner imo..
Whatever, i think, the gamers are the winners this year! I loved so many games!

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DaThreats2182d ago

No, Sony first, then MS, then Nintendo

shackdaddy2182d ago

They all sucked hard. You can argue forever which one was better than the other, but it doesn't really matter...

HammadTheBeast2181d ago

You could, but even though all three were suckish, they were on different levels of suckery.

NYC_Gamer2182d ago

I didn't expect much from Sony or MS since the PS3/360 are at the end of their life span....I was more hyped about Nintendo and the Wii-U thought would be won over and proved wrong about Nintendo and their lack of new franchises/core software..

bub162182d ago

totally agree! UBISOFT! won easily in my eyes!!

LOL_WUT2182d ago

I think they all failed it just a matter of who failed the most.

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