Naughty Dog Claims The Last Of Us Demo Wasn't Scripted

The big debate raging online right now is whether or not The Last Of Us demo shown last night during Sony's E3 presentation was scripted or not. If you're to believe Naughty Dog, then everything shown in the demo was in fact happening on the fly.

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DaThreats2058d ago

Of course it wasn't
The game was that awesome!

GribbleGrunger2058d ago

'claims'? so in the headline he's basically suggesting that they could be lying

strangelove2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

I personally think it was real, but until we get the demo in our hands to try it ourselves, it is just a claim by Naughty Dog. Can't wait until game sites start confirming it though.

PirateThom2058d ago


There's tales of behind doors demos of the same scene and it plays out differently, depending on your approach.

thong_pounder2058d ago

i dont think it was it scripted when he takes out the first guy the 2nd guy noticed him because he was standing, if he was to stay hidin the guy would of never saw him nd no shots would of been fired so the guy at the end would of had a different ending if he was able to take out all guys using stealth

miyamoto2058d ago

gamepodunk are just begging for hits so I gave them one.
game demos at sony e3 are live so there you go.

Dee_912058d ago

I mean it looked like it was on the fly.There was a lot of different routes he couldve took through out the demo that would have without a doubt had a different outcome.
This got me to thinking that there might be alternative endings :)

Bathyj2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

I agree Thong.

Plus I was thinking about the dialogue and the AI reactions.

If Joel hadnt tried to fire that last shot when he was empty, the guy never would have know he was out and wouldnt have left cover.

The possibilities with this AI are awesome.

Imagine if you could deliberately fire on an empty chamber to trick them out of hiding, or have the girl make a noise to lure them and jump them from behind.

This might be the stealth title I've been dreaming of since all other stealth games have been killed by action and Tenchu is never gonna happen.

Dee_912058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

@bathy your right.He says that was all AI

MurDocINC2058d ago

For the most part it's scripted, you do have choices but only a couple to each situation from what i see in videos. It's really a complex network of triggers on entry ways reacting to each other. I wouldn't call it AI though, but it is a neat and somewhat new approach to gaming.
I have hope that this system branches off into more choices further in the game, if not then next game.

Nitrowolf22058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

What MurDocINC is saying is true, but that's the same for ANYTHING.

What they mean by this is that like the guys above said, different possibilities. If I played this demo, and didn't shoot or killed the guy quietly without being seen then My character (Joel) might not have gotten hit by that bullet.

I understand what you mean, the trigger for certain thing activates other things, but everyone can have a different outcome from one another. That's something that will probably never changed though.

Script = cutscenes. You can't changed them no matter what, Dialogue will always be the same.

And yeah, still can call this script but it's a special type.
It's called behaviours design.

NewMonday2058d ago

i could say it is a bit like Heavy Rain but QTE free

gta28002058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

360 fan boys are hoping it's scripted...just so they can have something to talk shit about lol. Cause as of now, Last of Us is looking like a beast of a title. GOTY material.

milohighclub2057d ago

Like he said during the demo, the system assesses the situation. It checks for ammo, health, character positions and so on then says wether Ellie should try flank the character or throw a brick at them or if the enemy should come out of hiding. Like he said about the animation a few seconds before he says that the engine will assess the surroundings and play the most suited animation to match the area. So even the animations are worked out on the fly.

sikbeta2057d ago

TLoU = *Mind-Blown*

Amazing, couldn't belive it, was so freaking perfect and that demo ending... Holy S#*T!

People doubting about this game already? Please, it's Naughty Gods we're talking about here :D

da_2pacalypse2057d ago

Yeah, I don't think it was scripted... Because he ran out of ammo which lead to Ellie throwing the rock at the guy.... What if the player doesn't run out of ammo? lol

GuyThatPlaysGames2057d ago

There is only one outcome of the scenario!! Kill them or be killed !! You all make it sound like something different will happen or a special ability will be unlocked. Game is simple:kill the enemies

GuyThatPlaysGames2057d ago

@MAJ0R How can you know exactly what the game will offer from a few minute demo? You act like you work for them and know every element in the game. Just shut up and quit making judgements

dead_eye2057d ago

If it was scripted what would have happened if he hadn't been a crap shot and still had bullets left (as this would be different for every player) how would that have worked at the end.

I don't think ND have a reputation for lying.

pixelsword2057d ago

I think it's legit, but even if the demo at E3 played differently, it may be because there's bugs in the one they used for presentation. Insomniac had a "zero" bug in their Resistance 2 demo in that if the person on stage died that the game would just stop, so of course they wouldn't put that on the floor for a demo, but the final game worked exactly like the demo.

Writers need to take a step back and not talk themselves into a corner; writers did that with Killzone 2 because they were right... but the actual game exceeded the trailer; don't try to beat this one up and have the game be even better than what you saw onstage because I think certain fanboys might go and name a doll "Kevin Butler" and beat themselves in the head with it.

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NastyLeftHook02058d ago

Naughty Dog are the best developers this generation.

BitbyDeath2058d ago

@Spam you have no idea what you are talking about.
Watch it again and you'll see why people thought it was scripted.

MaxXAttaxX2058d ago Show
MAJ0R2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

I think your on something SPAM, mainly because it looked absolutely nothing like uncharted. Even the shooting mechanics are completely different to where guns have real recoil and you have to aim carefully.

It also seemed like there was RPG elements, a health bar, much more realistic moving, and a lot more that makes this completely different from Uncharted.

I mean you even had to into your backpack to get out a Molotov-cocktail, there's not weapon wheel for instant switching. This is an all out survival game that will be nothing like Uncharted.

NastyLeftHook02058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

@ spam fritter 123,

how dare you!!! you dishonor the name of naughty dog?! that's a sin in itself!

Pintheshadows2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

"i have been in the gaming scene since the C64"

Uh huh. Could you explain to me then SPAM why you consistently act like a twelve year old troll from youtube if your supposedly so knowledgeable about games?

I've never seen you post anything knowledgeable or insightful ever. It's all trolling fanboy crap.

Imalwaysright2058d ago

@ Its something called opinion. You may not agree but at the very least you could be respectful.

raha2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Time to lay off the weed SPAM.

deep_fried_bum_cake2058d ago


"so don't think i am just spouting random fanboy garbage"

"now i PC game and can happily say we have the best service in the gaming market and will do for ever"

"i would not consider myself a troll compared to the sony fanboy masses on N4G"

Ummm, yeah...not a troll. If you have been gaming since the C64 then I have been gaming since a hoop and a stick were the game of choice (p.s. I'm 20 (about 9 years older than you seemingly), so I haven't)

2058d ago
Pintheshadows2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

"when i first bought a PS3 (with MGS4) i loved it, then i found N4G and felt embaressed to be part of the sony brand so sold up and decided to side with microsoft"

You sided with a corporation. Well done SPAM. /s

And at the time MGS4 came out if you said you owned a PS3 on N4G you'd get destroyed. 'Haha MGS4 is just cutscenes lolz", "PS3 haz no gaemz lolz". This place used to be full of 360 fanboys. Unfortunately both sides are just as stupid as each other. And that includes you.

"i respond to people the way the deserve to be talked to. if you have something reasonable to say i will reply with the same courtesy."

Really, because your response to Tentons comment reveals that to be a fabrication of a deluded mind.

@DK286K Foley sounds like a douche. We'd be better off, but less entertained, if they were all eradicated.

SPAM, i'm curious to see who you think the best developer of the gen is seeing as you just laughed at Tenton and didn't offer a counter argument. Mine is probably Valve or R* although I find it hard to decide.

deep_fried_bum_cake2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )


There is a difference in situation between the two. An article with Microsoft claiming that Xbox is leading worldwide will attract a lot of PS3 fanboys who will go there to challenge it, so Foley gets agreed with, probably wrongly.

This article states that the demo was scripted according to Naughty Dog. That will bring a bunch of fans of Naughty Dog in to praise the game and SPAM comes along to spout something completely false, causing hate from those who actually watched the demo.

THC CELL2058d ago Show
milohighclub2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

@ spam

"i respond to people the way the deserve to be talked to. if you have something reasonable to say i will reply with the same courtesy"

I bet you have no friends at all.

Have you ever heard the saying if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

I mean seriously!!! Do you actually think like that everyday?

I respond to people they deserve to be talked to!?!?

Man, I feel sorry for you. It's so sad that people have this mentality.

and u claim to be what about 30??

If that's true then I am so sorry, you must of had such a horrible life to have that mentality.

Well it's over now, what ever horrible experience you went through, it's over. Hope you find peace.

Think u need a hug.

Edit: when every dev puts water physics in a bottle of alcohol that can be used for first aid of as a Molotov then ND will lose the crown, just wish the b-team where as capable as the a-team

Also don't forget, you can actually just walk passed all this section u don't even need to fight em..

dale_denton2057d ago


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Nimblest-Assassin2058d ago

They are not scripted, but they have behaviours designed to react to the players gameplay... look at the demo again... the guy playing was bating the Ai into showing new features

1) When he ran out of ammo, even though he saw he was out... he tryed to shoot so the enemy would respond to his empty clip

2)He purposely showed that enemies could flank you by waiting around, and staying in certain rooms for to long

The Ai is not scripted, but from the demo you get to see that their system of balance of power works very well

strangelove2058d ago

That's pretty much what I thought was happening as well. But apparently there has been a lot of fighting online about it.

Acquiesc32058d ago

This guy has the correct answer.

No more need to argue.

Also, this is Naughty Dog folks, not Peter Molyneux.

dktxx22058d ago

The AI is not scripted, but the guy behind the controller knew before hand what he was going to do. So it was scripted, technically.

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TheFinalEpisode2058d ago

The solution is easy: release the demo on Psn for us to judge whether it was real or not!

andrewsqual2058d ago

Has nobody looked at the screenshots released? It shows a bit where he is fighting the guy that was stabbed in the back by Ellie and she is approaching from a completely different angle in this pic.

Veneno2058d ago

What im hoping for is a lot of surprises frkm Ellie. Just when u thjnk ur screwed and about to die to a band of thugs or some infected she comes fromout of nowhere and saves your ass. Cant wait for this game any longer. Or for beyond (also starring ellen page jk). Awesome E3 by Sony!

atticus142058d ago

Even as a member of the PC master Race, if your not excited for this game, your not a gamer.

mewhy322058d ago

Well this kinda sounds like the KillZone footage that we saw years ago. LOL . Yeah I figure that there was a fair amount of scripting in this footage. But that's OK. You're there showcasing the tech you have and trying to push your new game. I don't blame them for scripting.

Cosmit2058d ago

Personally, I wouldn't give a damn if it were scripted. It looks amazing. Same goes for Watch Dog. I wouldn't care either if its scripted. But maybe its just me that isn't so bothered with scripted events.

calibann2057d ago

The first thing I thought when watching the demo was:

Wow....this must be scripted, which if it isn't, is a mighty compliment!

To me it looked like Heavy Rain and Uncharted had a baby.

Megaton2057d ago

I like this a lot more than Uncharted. You just kill hordes of generic foreigners in Uncharted. The Last of Us seems a lot more personal and focused.

TCG_Returns2057d ago

Damn, people still trying to doubt Naughty dog? Some folks must just love the taste of crow i guess.

geddesmond2057d ago

This just sounds like a pissed off none PS3 owning gamer. This isn't MS with their scripted Milo Demo from E3 2 years ago. Knowbody click the link and give that website traffic.

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Snookies122058d ago

If that wasn't scripted... Holy crap this game is going to be one hell of a ride all the way through!

Fylus2058d ago

Yeah, just what I was thinking. I'll admit, before I saw the gameplay, I didn't really care too much for it. I mean, I was excited for it (bit of a contradiction, sorry) because it was a cool theme and Naughty Dog was behind it, but I wasn't 100% sold on it. Now that I've seen how beautifully the game plays, I can say that I am 110% sold.

Snookies122058d ago

I get what you're saying completely lol. I saw the game and the name, and was like... Eh... Not really sure if I'll be interested, but it's cool it's from Naughty Dog. Though the more I see of it, the more I'm liking it. After that gameplay video, I think this just moved into "day one buy" status.

RedDead2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

**** that I am impressed

It's simple, the Ai takes the environment and what you are currently doing into account before it acts(including your weapon). Not scripted at all.

The fact that I couldn't tell if it was scripted or not impresses me.

Edit---Ascalon. It just looks too good to not be scripted. That's were to doubt comes from. But we have confirmation on why it's like that. It's not scripted at all. ND are just that good. This vid explains why **** happens the way it does in the game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2058d ago

Anyone that thinks it's scripted based off of that demo demonstration is an idiot and/or a hater.

It is obvious as hell that all the things that happened in that demo could have played out differently.

calibann2057d ago

Anyone that thinks it's scripted based off of that demo demonstration is an idiot and/or a hater.

No. Anyone that thinks it was scripted has every right to do so. A lot of demos at E3 have scripted elements to reduce chances of the game messing up during the demo.

That, and the fact that it DID look scripted because of how impressive the animations, voice acting (and timing of the characters responses).

I was absolutely absorbed by the demo and I only wish I had a Ps3 to play it. It looks fantastic.

I think the bits people thought were scripted are just the ways you can attack enemies;

-Unarmed charge
-Rear choke
-Melee charge
-No ammo/Pistol whip takedown

I think there is a high amount of variation in the animations depending on the environment and the weapon you have and the weapon your enemy has.

Veneno2058d ago

I wonder if we'll be able to let a thug live after he begs for his life. Thatd be crazy.

strangea2052d ago

I'm hoping the same thing. It'll be a nice change from mowing everyone down.

A-Glorious-Dawn2057d ago

I get frustrated every time that interviewer speaks.

Let the man talk! he had a lot to say!!

Jio2058d ago

I love games like this that make you conserve ammo and use your wits.

Ascalon942058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

What points to it being scripted?

VverdugovV2058d ago

It's just the haters trying to downplay this game.

BitbyDeath2058d ago

The extremely advanced AI that has not been seen anywhere else.

The KZ2 trailer back in E305 had similar features but was obviously scripted as KZ2 did not have such AI.

Last of Us is taking gaming to the next level.

Acekidder2057d ago

of course it is lol come on man advanced AI like this wont happen right now they are simply event triggers and thats ok with me i dont expect tru AI of ths calibre to be even in next gen games.