“ZombiU” Death Mechanic and Multiplayer Detailed

Ubisoft's ZombiU offers a unique death mechanic and a multiplayer mode that wasn't shown during any of the conferences.

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--Onilink--2235d ago

this game, Project P-100 and Rayman look really great. I know its very early footage in the case of ZombiU and P-100 but i hope there is a big graphical bump

Honest_gamer2235d ago

cant wait for this game if the wiiU is cheap enouth i'll get it just for this

AWBrawler2235d ago

I am really hype for this game. I been wanting a good survival zombie game

AWBrawler2235d ago

honestly have no idea what that is

h311rais3r2235d ago

Dayz is the perfect zombie game. Stranded on an island, 1 zombie can kill you, ammo is scarce, u have to eat, drink and just survive. There are other players but they can kill and loot you or be allies. Most of the time you have to stealth through the towns you pass by trying not to alert the horde. It IS the perfect zombie game.

The Great Melon2235d ago

Good concepts, I just hope the implementation is good. Hopefully developers have thought through how to use the controls more than they did when the Wii came out.

Nintendo needs to show more of these kind of games that will pull me into Wii U. I would never purchase multiplatform sequels that started on other consoles.

WetN00dle692235d ago

Ahh man this and as stated before Project P-100 looks awesome!
Here is hoping PP-100 makes it to the launch window! WiiU consider yourself pre-ordered once available!