Watch Dogs to feature Xbox SmartGlass-style tablet support

Ubisoft's 'next-gen' stunner Watch Dogs is seemingly set to support Xbox SmartGlass after it showed off tablet features in a behind closed doors presentation.

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chrisgay2264d ago

They simply have to announce this for Wii U.

Hisiru2264d ago

They will probably announce some other games after Nintendo announce release date for the console.

JokesOnYou2264d ago

1. Watch Dogs
2. Halo 4
3. Tomb Raider
4. FarCry 3
5. SC Blacklist

I know this won't go well, but Ubisoft killed it, even AC3 would be my #6. Sony, Nintendo, & Micro's conferences were subpar, I'm the biggest Gears fan but it was nothing new, maybe its the whole prequel setting but for the first time I wasn't excited, and the rest of 360 stuff while great was already expected.

Sony was boring, The Last of Us didn't seem as unique as it did when it was first shown off, AI was bland. God of War like Gears looked uninspired. The rest was forgettable. Lack of Vita games/announcements was downright criminal for a struggling new handheld.

Nintendo, I respect what their trying to do, but really I'm just not interested in the end result/games they bring to the table.

JokesOnYou2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

No, not even Tylenol.

Seriously I want next Gen to get started already...micro had a chance to really blow everybody away with an announcement for the next box instead of Smart Glass, I mean SG could be cool or it could be just another tech experiment we don't know yet if devs will take advantage of it for gaming, too many questions. I was really dissapointed with Gears, it really didnt grab me like past installments did, it was uninspired like just, "oh Gears has a huge fanbase, make a prequel, get the money", Halo4 was awesome 343 really knows what their doing, and you can see their taking their time to balance the true Halo formula with new content, graphics look sweet too, SC Blaclist looked really cool, aside from that everything else put me to sleep, less Usher & kinect crap more hardcore new IPs, where the hell is a proper Alan Wake2?= Micro show sucked, except for Halo & SC Blacklist

Sony didn't do any better, actually the only game I cared about was The Last of Us and it looked pretty ordinary, oh it'll be good for sure but the game play looks simple now with weak AI. GOW looked like more of the same, nothing really new. I never really liked Heavy Rain, Beyond isn't my thing either. I don't want a Vita but its cool tech, I thought Sony would show a bunch of vita stuff to get people talking about it, nothing...instead they spend waaay too much time on some book game.= Yeah overall Sony sucked, except for Last of Us

Nintendo= great for kids, not for me.

Ubi had the most AAA great games I will be buying day 1, Watch Dogs was amazing, the presentation of it was just really well done= best of the show.

No drugs just the truth from what I saw.

Bowzabub2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Betting there will be a version of this for the PSVita. Count on it. Edit; I've obviously hurt some feelings with my comment. XD..


I really don't want 'em dumping this game with all the multiple lame features this tablet-like controllers fever is spitting.

In the other hand, if it's just a touchscreen, I actually think it could make the game more immersive considering how the guy on the trailer seens to do a lot of hacking from his mobile device...

So I kind of want it for PS3/Vita but with a lot of concerns at the same time.

Bowzabub2264d ago

Plus there is Playstation Mobile to consider in all of this. These are not just coincidences. It's common sense.

patriotZero2264d ago

Don't forget Nintendo 3ds version