The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of E3

A look at the best and worst of E3, and the moments of the show that made viewers and fans cringe, cry and curse.

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borisfett2263d ago

Personally, I thought Microsoft was the worst.

Sony have a strong line-up for the coming year, that's for sure, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the Wii U has to offer.

NastyLeftHook02263d ago

The bad

1. Microsofts e3, Wonderbook(ps3) took up too much time. Wii u specs. Not enough vita games.

2. WatchDogs, Beyond, God Of War ascension. The Last Of Us.

Assassins Creed 3, Far cry, Splinter Cell Blacklist

Gears Of war 4.

NastyLeftHook02263d ago

2. WatchDogs, Beyond, God Of War ascension. The Last Of Us.

Assassins Creed 3, Far cry, Splinter Cell Blacklist

Gears Of war 4.

the good

chrisgay2263d ago

My issue is that I've spent a year looking forward to seeing what the Wii U has to offer. Today was when they were supposed to show me. They didn't.

ATi_Elite2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

The Bad:

All things Microsoft were bad:

*No huge Gears gameplay but only 10 seconds of CGi
*BO2 had a Demo of an "Escort Mission" which is as cliche and boring as it can get
*Halo 4 should of been last and more dramatic
*Way too much boring Kinect stuff
*MS Spent an hour talking about new crap on Xbox Live that people can do on a PC or iphone or whatever for FREE!
*Joe Montana wasn't really playing Madden cause he never moves his fingers after the snap.

Sony had a few hiccups here and there:

* another E3 with no Agent or The Last Guardian
* Not enough Vita Games shown
* No push to promote Vita as a Phone


*No full and detailed WiiU specs
*No great new WiiU Mario Metroid Zelda games
*No price for the WiiU

The Good:

* One year closer to the Xbox 720 E3
* God of War Ascension, Beyond, Last of Us, Halo 4, Gears Judgment
* I think the Move Book thing is awesome for Kids and has great potential
* E3 being almost over means GamesCon is 60 days away.

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Unexpecta2263d ago

I don't know who supply's Microsoft with their piff, but they haven't been the same ever since the release of Kinect.

I thought I hated the Wii U's tablet controller more than anything else in the world, but it looks like Sony gets the pedestal for their Wonderbook fiasco.

Shadow Flare2263d ago

Does a ps move focused children's game REALLY warrant this much hate??

Yeah, Sony should have focused on other things more. Got it. But Sony are a company that are trying pretty hard to turn a profit and they're hoping this wonder book concept will hit the big time. That's clearly what they hope. They've put a lot of effort into this, even including JK Rowling. And for it to be a big success they need to give it air time and demonstrate the thing.

Really, it's a kids game. But if they didn't show it like they did, no one would know about it. And they obviously hoping it will be a big hit.

And for a children's game, it was quite an interesting little product I thought. Considering it's not limited to potter crap, it has educational games too.

What is with the hate? Sony showed 3 other jaw dropping games. It wasn't like it was wonder book for 90 minutes. It may have felt like it though.

Unexpecta2263d ago

All of that money from the Wonderbook investment and the paycheque sent to that bitch JK Rowling, could've been used more strategically for Sony especially for their newly released handheld, the PSVita.

There was more air time for the Wonderbook, than the PSVita. How sad.

Shadow Flare2263d ago

Well I agree that vita should have got a lot more air time cos it needed it. That's something Sony messed up on. They should have made it a 2 hour show. I wouldn't have minded wonder book had they shown off the vita as well

palaeomerus2263d ago

They spent 20 minutes on that thing dude. It was a travesty.

TekoIie2262d ago

So wonderbooks fine but kinect is too far? Love your incredibly biased opinion Shadow Flare...

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kil1ertofu2263d ago

I'm probably the only one who feels this way, but the hosts for Ubisoft made it so painful to watch that it pretty much tainted most of the games.

Sure Rayman Legends looks awesome, but when you're sitting there feeling awkward after a whole lot of talk about 'lady-wood' and weird banter between the two of them, it kind of ruins the impact.

Xof2263d ago

The good: the gaming media was able to accumulate a great deal of money through various articles dealing with E3, creating, perpetuating and analyzing the hype.

The bad: there was a boring trade show where nothing of substance happened somewhere in 'murika.

The ugly: all of the idiotic consumers who fawn over E3 every goddamn year expecting it to be awesome and feeding this bonanza of bullshit.

borisfett2263d ago

Cynical gamer is cynical.

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