Next Gen is Coming 2013

Pro Military Gaming's very own Ryse Up discusses why he believes E3 2012 is the quite before E3 2013's proverbial storm!

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ryse_up2235d ago

2013 has to be the next gen. Sony and Microsoft just don't have anymore tricks up their sleeves. The Kinect and Move were their last aces in the hole. Now it's time for new tech!

Persistantthug2235d ago

I mean, THE LAST OF US looks great and so does BEYOND. And games keep getting better and better every year.

Besides.....Jack says no, and Jack's tha man! ;)

( )

ryse_up2235d ago

Jack didn't say no. He answered the question like a politician. Sony will be first it's just a matter if it's next fall or the fall 2014. My money is next year because Sony can't launch last again.

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WeskerChildReborned2235d ago

Title is misleading, i thought it was a confirmation.

yabhero2235d ago

Doesn't WiiU come out this fall? I didn't hear about a chnage to 2013... next gen starts with WiiU...

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