Forza Horizon – E3 2012 Gameplay Walkthrough with Dan Greenawalt

Turn 10′s Dan Greenawalt gives a gameplay walk-through of Forza Horizon to the guys over at MotoGames TV on YouTube.

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Sandmano2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

NFS says hi!!

Shaman2017d ago

To what? E3 gameplay walkthrough of new open world racing game called Forza Horizon? Not sure if serious...

Sandmano2017d ago

Yes NFS and Forza look alike whats the problem? ........ ;)

Shaman2017d ago

You wrote GT5 than edited.

Hisiru2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Is it the new need for speed game? Misleading title as always, huh?

Oh no, it's another game.

Sandmano2017d ago

OMG!! You caught me! Your smart! Take a joke man seriously...

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izumo_lee2017d ago

I think you should have said 'NFS' says hi cause watching this it felt so much more like a NFS game rather than a GT game.

Shadow Flare2017d ago

I think he should have said 'Need Forza Speed' says hi

aviator1892017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Ok, you edited your statement from GT5 to NFS, two very different games. I understand small edits, but you really should leave something like that unedited. It just proves that you have less self-confidence in what you say.

Shinuz2017d ago

Will there be a cockpit view?

ExitToExisT2017d ago

if there was , they would have shown it in a 8 min video i believe. and the car windows are black tinted.

StraightPath2017d ago

Forza innovating I see they want a bigger audience casuals and car enthusiats forza dominated simulators since forza 1 no competition left. Gt6 needs to come back since gt franchise got esclipsed. Look at metacritic...forza higjest rated sim this gen

FordGTGuy2017d ago

As much as people won't agree with what you said it is true and I'm glad Forza kicked GT in the ass.

Polyphony needs it and I hope that are working their ass off on making GT6 the best yet.

smooch_3572017d ago

Why can't anyone make a closed circuit arcade racer anymore...? I just want to be worried about the race, and not if Im going in the right direction or taking the most efficient rout to the finish line.

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