Famitsu review scores (6/5/12)

Take a look at the latest Famitsu scores, including Lollipop Chainsaw, Persona 4 Golden, and more.

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Jio2176d ago

I thought Lollipop Chainsaw was going to be terrible, guess I'll give it a try now.

jc485732176d ago

Never underestimate Suda51/Grasshopper.

Jio2176d ago

Oh, I never realized they were making the game! Now I really have to get it.

Unexpecta2176d ago

Wow at Persona and Super Monkey Ball scores. I must play them.

Rampaged Death2176d ago

Suda you legend ! Just pre ordered my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw.

jc485732176d ago

you should've preordered it long ago.

Rampaged Death2176d ago

Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3/360) – 9/9/9/9
Persona 4 Golden (PSV) – 9/9/9/8
Root Double Before Crime After Days (360) – 8/8/8/8
Super Monkey Ball (Vita) – 8/7/8/8
Akiba’s Trip Plus (PSP) – 8/7/7/7
World Neverland Naruru Kingdom (PSP) – 8/7/7/7
Sorcery (PS3) – 7/8/7/7
Gon Paku Paku Paku Paku Adventure (3DS) – 7/7/7/6
Heavy Fire: The Chosen Few (3DS) – 5/5/5/5

Xof2176d ago

Thank you for helping to help curtail these hitbaiting non-stories.

To those that disagreed with you, I can only say this... that cancer killing gaming... it's you.

knifefight2176d ago

I got a bubble down for doing that same thing in one of these Nintendo Everything stories. Valay and his crew marked it as Spam or whatever. Really ridiculous.

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