Neocrisis: Ubisoft Steal the Show at E3

Neocrisis: After sitting through each of the major conferences that took place over the last couple of days. I have concluded that there was one clear winner and it was not one of the big three. Impressive as the Wii U’s hardware looks the games were slightly lackluster.

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Sandmano1992d ago

watch dogs made it for them. I dont care if it was running on PC or it comes out in 2014 it was fresh and dynamic looking and overall just simply exciting to watch...

StraightPath1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Ubisoft agree they have great games on show. But others had great games too


Halo 4
Splinter Cell


last of us
god of war


were is gta5...rockstar to big for e3?

camel_toad1992d ago

Yep watchdogs was easily one of the most unexpectedly cool things at the show. After I saw the unique gameplay possibilities I was sold. Sort of reminded me, strictly in the vibe kind of way, like Deus Ex - the original Deus Ex.

starchild1992d ago

Absolutely. Watch Dogs was a huge surprise and absolutely amazing. But Ubisoft also had FarCry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, and Splinter Cell Blacklist....which are all exciting games to me.

camel_toad1992d ago

Yeh I should have added how impressed how Assassins Creed is turning out. The environment change looks to make for some fresh new gameplay in the series. And the ship battles?? That was AWESOME and unexpected.

And yes Far Cry 3 looked great too. Looking forward to the open approach of the first Far Cry, and of course the scenery... And no Malaria :)

WeskerChildReborned1992d ago

They were using a PS3 in their demo so i'm just excited.

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Cajun Chicken1992d ago

Never truer words said. Farcry 3 and Watchdogs won the show for me.

Chitown712911992d ago

And Assassins Creed 3! lol

NYC_Gamer1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I never thought Ubi would produce something fresh and unique as Watch Dogs

TheColbertinator1992d ago

I agree.Glad to see what the point of E3 is all about.

konnerbllb1992d ago

Other games were good too but e3 2012 was all about ubisoft

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The story is too old to be commented.