GameSpot- Step into the World of South Park for The First Time

GameSpot- South Park: The Stick of Truth RPG is your best hope of ever visiting the sleepy little town in Colorado you have always wanted to go to.

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versusALL2237d ago

Can't wait. Looks like a traditional turn-based rpg. Which this industry needs right now.

AgreeFairy2237d ago

For the first time? I've already been in the world (and a better one at that) during the time of the N64. This game will likely end up being mediocre just like all of the other South Park games released this gen.

Capt-FuzzyPants2237d ago

What exactlty do you like? Every time I see your comments your bad mouthing something or someone. And for an agree fairy you get your fair share of disagrees.

koh2237d ago

Oh so you've already played this game? How was it? Because if not, then how could you possibly know the N64 games were better?