Nintendo Land is a Necessary Evil - Nintendo Land was the climax of the Big N’s E3 press conference, and they put a lot of focus on it. It takes many classic Nintendo franchises and turns them into minigames, showcasing the many uses of the new GamePad. One example is Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, in which you throw ninja stars from the touchscreen at the comical enemies on your television, twisting your hands to angle the shurikens appropriately. It may sound silly, but it plays an important part in the acceptance of the new system.

Nintendo needs people to believe in the potential of the Wii U. The fact that their share prices dropped dramatically after the initial announcement of the system shows that the public is unsure how this console will turn out. Sure, having some popular, current-gen titles with new touchscreen functionality is cool, but why but a whole new system just for that?

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stuntman_mike2267d ago

Covers eye's with one hand while holding out a crucifix in the other "Keep back, foul beast"!

phantomexe2267d ago

lol i get what nintendo wants to do here but this isnt something im into. Really i dont think nintendo knows how to present it self anymore. I love nintendo a great deal but the 80s have come and gone. I really dont know what to say....showing off wii fit U at E3 is retarded at best my wife wont watch E3 .......why,only the core watch E3.

Ck1x2267d ago

That's my thoughts exactly! Don't they know who their audience is that watches, participates and then talks about E3 to other gamers? It's not the mainstream people looking for the next WiiFit or Nintendo Land... And I wouldn't be so upset and bothered by Nintendo Land if it weren't for the way Reggie was making it seem as if this was something that we all should be so pleased by ourselves... I think this was another major mis-step on the companies behalf as a whole and the negative public reactions to follow such a poor showing will prove that they are out of touch with their true fanbase. (They obviously think we want Nintendo Land)

AWBrawler2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

So am I the only gamer who likes the idea of Nintendo Land? I mean its just a new type of mario party with Nintendo worlds and miis.

I'm actually going to buy it and play it with my girlfriend and nephews. Everything does not have to appeal directly to us core gamers. I see this as their Wii Sports type title for Wii U, which is something both Core and Casual can enjoy together

stuntman_mike2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

to be honest we should have seen this coming with how much they misjudged the 3DS launch.

Also i wouldnt have minded Nintendoland if they had actually shown gameplay from other games (i mean i knew they would show this casual crap but not for 3 quaters of the conference).

also the worse thing was that stuff got shown after the conference on the show floor, that was supposed to be awesome?? and more for the core. WTF Nintendo.

sorry i keep ranting on but i'm dumbfounded how Nintendo screwed it up it was easy.

linkenski2267d ago

I think its a great way for them to showcase to other developers what they can do with games, while also making it popular among gamers, which if succesful will persuade developers to do games in the concept of "asymetrical gameplay"

I just wish this wasn't their big focus at E3. Pikmin 3 deserved way more time on the floor.

DivineAssault 2267d ago

they should be ashamed of themselves.. The entire conference was a damn joke.. Children werent going to attend the show so why show ppl disney land?

ronin4life2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

The game actually looks good. But that's not the problem.
Nintendo needed to show certain things and give more focus to other aspects than they delivered, and instead they put focus on a minigame collection one hopes will be free with the console, a bunch of music games(they are important in some ways and have a place, but not here) and a port of a year old game.

Why not show Project p-100 instead of that Luigis mansion themed mini game? Give on stage details about Scribblenauts INSTEAD of Batman? More on stage info about ZombiU instead of a cgi trailer and a dancing game we already know about?
They had the content, but they showed the wrong content. Gave focus to what should have been quietly announced and quietly announced what should have been Focused.

AWBrawler2267d ago

That is exactly what i think happened here!

mike1up2267d ago

I don't have a problem with Nintendo Land. I have a problem Mr. Iwata's BS apologies, and promises to bring the hardcore goods.

He makes that claim, and depends solely on 3rd parties to deliver on HIS promise. If Ubisoft wouldn't have came through then Nintendo would have been utterly screwed... and everyone on here knows it.

AWBrawler2267d ago

I got a feeling that the showcase tomorrow won't be 3DS only. i think there will be a few Wii U titles that they're holding back till then.

mike1up2267d ago

Let's hope so, or come November I will be "holding back" my wallet.

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