Beyond: Two Souls PS3 Gameplay And Story Detailed

NowGamer: "We take a look at the games of E3 2012, with Sony's Beyond: Two Souls getting an in-depth look at its gameplay and potential.

Beyond rocked Sony's E3 2012 press conference with the first footage of the game from Quantic Dream, developer of Heavy Rain.

A new batch of screenshots have been released by Sony, highlighting just how impressive Beyond is already looking, but more details about the game have emerged..."

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Mykky2265d ago

This game... woah. I'm more hyped about this than any other game, Last of Us and AC3 is high up too but this was simply amazing!

NewMonday2265d ago

looks like you play as the ghost

TLG19912265d ago

you play as ............... two souls lol


You got that right mate