Watch Dogs - An Exciting IP from Ubisoft l Player Affinity

It's a pleasant surprise when not only there's a new announcement, but when a new IP shows itself. I'm talking about Watch Dogs, an exciting stealth/spy game that sees you hacking, shooting, and driving.

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Fylus2265d ago

I was totally blown away by the trailer. I seriously cannot wait to see more of this game.

BlmThug2265d ago

This new IP shows amazing promise, day one buy in the books :D

chasegarcia2265d ago

Buy or else..........more fps

TheModernKamikaze2265d ago

This got my eye,
it was really different.

Entertainment_Fuse2264d ago

It was a very capturing IP. The whole idea of everything being connected, but using technology to hack phones, figure out the identity of people is a really amazing idea. From what we saw so far, Watchdogs should be a very very good game.

SteveWright2261d ago

Thanks for all the comments folks! It's great to see people reading your posts ;)

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