1UP - Nintendo's E3 Press Briefing Game Lineup Failed to Sell the Wii U

At the beginning of Nintendo's E3 press briefing, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said we would be seeing 23 games on-stage today, a number far greater than what either Sony or Microsoft had at their respective showcases. With the company needing to sell gamers on Wii U, the more games it had to show, the better. As it turned out, a number of these games were multiplatform titles, some of which will have already been out for quite some time when Wii U is finally released this holiday. That was a common gripe for many gamers, but with a single new game console coming out this year, it's not unprecedented; what concerned me was the overall lack of interesting usage of the Wii U GamePad -- the system's big selling point -- in many of these games.

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Chuk52116d ago

That is why the whole conference failed for me.
The sole objective for nintendo was to sell me on the wiiu, which I was really excited to see, and they failed. It was like they intentionally doubled back on showing any of their marquee franchises.

Blastoise2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

It failed for me because I was looking forward to some 3DS games. For example Animal Crossing 3DS news, fans have been waiting for about 2 years for a release date. A possible Metroid or Zelda game would have been nice too.
Instead I was welcomed with long boring speeches about how great the Wii U controller is and dance & fitness games.

user54670072116d ago

"Animal Crossing 3DS"

I'm expecting to see that tomorrow

It needs a trailer and needs to be released this year. It's been kept in the dark for too long

If they added even more features then the last time we saw it then fair enough

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32116d ago

I'm getting a Wii U, I don't care what other people spend their money on.

2116d ago
BABYLEG2116d ago

Nintendo deserves to flop with that joke of a line up they had.. they need to leave that little Japanese box they're living in. The world is much bigger than a bunch of grown asians playing games that looks like it was made for pedophiles.

PopRocks3592116d ago

I didn't like the conference either, but your comment comes off as extremely xenophobic...

ShaunCameron2116d ago

<The world is much bigger than a bunch of grown asians playing games that looks like it was made for pedophiles.>

The world is also much bigger than a bunch of grown Americans playing games that looks like it was made for serial killers and mass-murderers in training.

Taibo2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Same, when they said hardcore I honestly thought we would see new IPS that are mature, and ofcourse Metroid, Zelda maybe Eternal darkness 2 and Geist. Instead they showed Wii fit plus. This doesnt make sense, im not sure casual gamers watch E3 or know much about it, this was their time to convince the hardcore, as all hardcore gamers look at e3 as opposed to casual, but no.. they chose to show wii fit and some dancing game. What a joke, with little effort Sony managed to take this e3, looking forward to their games

dark-hollow2116d ago

I expected Nintendo to not show a promising third party line-up like usual,
But to ALSO fails at showing their usual strong first party titles is baffling!

Pikmin 3 is the only one am interested in and I rather have a full fledged 3-D Mario game than the new super something 2-D.

shackdaddy2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

I am so disappointed. They could have had a really good conference but they failed.

I mean, if they just mentioned Retro (not even show anything), I would have been SO much more happier. And they didn't show 10 games. That P100 game looked awesome and whats this I heard about a Game and Wario title? WTF Nintendo.

I'm really hoping they hear all the complaints and do something. They hyped this conference up so much...

Slowbrosef2116d ago

"I'm really hoping they hear all the complaints and do something. They hyped this conference up so much..."

They really did, I don't think people should be calling people out for being underwhelmed since this entire time Nintendo was making it seem like they were going shatter expectations.

Tapioca Cold2116d ago

no they didn't you guys did. Gamers hype stuff beyond belief, and when your expectations can't be met (perfect graphics, framerate, price and all the other stuff) you whine like little girls.

I new this thing was a failure. look at the size of that controller. no thanks.


Yangus2116d ago

Sad but its true.....nice console,but game lineup weak...I am disappointed..not buy day one...

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