Humble Bundle V Surpasses $3 Million Mark

"The Humble Indie Bundle V has managed to raise well over $3 million dollars. As of this writing the total number of payments made is at $3,076,159.60 on the sale of 391,566 bundle purchases. While that number is pretty impressive, the pay-what-you-want DRM free bundle is doing so well because of the games in it.", writes

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Jio2179d ago

It's good to see good developers doing good things.

Honest_gamer2179d ago

thats good, if only more games adopted this strategy of pay what you want and you can decide where the money goes to, once i get paid i know i'll be buying this rather than jsut going to TPB or demonoid, jsut because i can pay what i want and decide where the money goes to

The Great Melon2179d ago

Just stumbled across the new bundle a couple hours ago. These bundles are always a great deal and it's nice to know where your money is going.

2179d ago