Tekken Tag Tournament 2 E3 2012 Official Trailer

Get ready for the next battle! Check out the new trailer featuring the bonus Snoop Dogg Stage.

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Jreca2088d ago

You know, Snoop dog it's what the game needed.


aCasualGamer2088d ago

Nice beats to it but the lyrics were terrible. If there only was an instrumental to this song and without the snoop dog character in the game.

guitarse2088d ago

I lost interest in Tekken after Tekken 3, a long time ago indeed, but the titles I tried on the 360 were gob smacking awful.

tarbis2088d ago

ugh. they just ruined Tekken Tag 2 with snoop dog >_<

Hufandpuf2088d ago

It's not like the song will be on repeat in the game...

Azfargh2088d ago

I really hope that you are right... I really do...