Assassin's Creed III: 'All the targets are British, except they're not'

News: Assassin’s Creed III creative director Alex Hutchinson has tried to explain the Britishness of the targets you’ll be facing. Basically, they’re all British, but none of them are British. Now that makes perfect sense.

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omi25p2268d ago

Stop lying and admit it.

Sandmano2268d ago

Dude your pissed huh? Yeah kill all the Americans you want in the game LOL

user54670072268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

It's not that

1) Ubisoft basicaly lied to us that Connor was netural when he obviously isn't. I mean come on when a developer's a bad thing. We shouldn't be encouraging that sort of behavior

2) It goes against what they've said in past AC games about the templars. The templars in this game should of been mostly American. It's in all the codex stuff in the previous AC games.

3) Again another game where the US are the good guys and everyone else is the bad guys except for them. It's like they don't want Americans to get all p*ssy with them because they think it might effect sales. They'd rather tick off a smaller place then the US...and thats the UK


It might be a game but it's a game people have invested a lot of time into, especialy the story. It just seems they've went back on all that just so they don't tick off Americans

TheDopeFiend2268d ago

It's only a game, we all really know who the bad guys are in this world

Outside_ofthe_Box2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

So this is an American vs British issue?

Seems like the American Revolution is a touchy subject in the UK, I never knew that.

vickers5002268d ago

I think people should wait until the game is actually out to get all pissy.

You never know, they could just be holding all the American killing back from the trailers and gameplay footage so they don't piss people off until the game is actually out. If they put out Connor killing a bunch of Americans, chances are, the idiots at fox news might give them bad press and bad reputation, saying something like it's "unpatriotic" or "disrespectful to those who sacrificed their lives for this country", (as if that's a legitimate reason to ban a game, even if it were the case).

Now I know for the most part, any press, including bad press, is sometimes good for a dev, but there's still a lot of time betwen now and the release of AC3. Look at how the morons of modern society influenced the medal of honor multiplayer team name change from taliban to w/e the hell it was changed to, or little big planet where they had to patch the game to remove a song that contained a verse from the Qoran (don't think I spelled that right).

Between now and then, the media and stupid activist groups could influence the game quite a bit to make it to how it appears now, where only redcoats are killed by connor. I think maybe they're saving the american killing for the actual game so they wont have to be forced to change what they've already worked on between now and the release date.

That's my theory anyways. I think people shouldn't get quite so upset until the game actually comes out.

ChocolateGiddyUp2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Hey man, you should be more sensitive - the Revolutionary War only happened over 200 years ago.

gatormatt802267d ago

I find this sooo funny that some Brits are getting so upset about this game. MikeCosgrove, you've been whining about this all over n4g. Seriously dude its just a game. Do you feel the same way about movies?? Did the movie Braveheart upset you as well?? Do you have the same compassion when killing Germans in CoD:WaW?? Is this any different do you think???

I'm sure you'll be able to kill all the Americans you want in multiplayer if that's all you're worried about.

Karlnag32267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

As somebody from the UK, I wasn't aware of this being a touchy subject either. I know I couldn't care less. People that honestly care about this are just as bad as the "soccer moms" you see complaining about anything unsuitable for their children.

Also just to add, fellow Brits complaining about this, I actually find you embarrassing. Grow up and get over it.

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Pintheshadows2268d ago

I don't really mind to be honest and i'm English. I'm actually looking forward to taking down some redcoats. I enjoyed killing the English commandos in Black Ops as well. We make good bad guys and i'm just glad it isn't the Germans or Russians for once.

TheGameFoxJTV2268d ago

Honestly, it may not be a lie. It may tie into the story, and they would want to avoid spoilers. Let's stop jumping the gun here people. Time will tell, don't pass things off as fact when none of us have even played it yet.

geddesmond2268d ago

I'm Irish so I can't wait for this game lol. Ah come on why are all the Brits getting sensitive. The British have raped, stolen and killed all over the world for centuries and they get sensitive when a fictional game pits you against them.

Lol but its ok to make games with Africans, South Americans, Germans, Russians and Asian people getting killed right lol. Cry babies.

MoveTheGlow2268d ago

The British hired the Hessians, and the French were heavily involved. It was a big international conflict, and it was less binary than what we may have learned about in 3rd grade history. That's what he's saying. Not sure why the writer was confused on this one - perhaps he stopped taking history classes after 3rd grade?

Nimblest-Assassin2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

So... we are going to ignore all the new gameplay improvements, all the incredible new gameplay.. just because the enemies are british?

With Assassins creed, its never cut and dry.. remember the ending of AC1? Look at revelations, it was never about the byzantines or the ottomans being good or evil

They can't give away all the story details now... but I think they will have a big twist to it

Honestly... what do you guys want, a montage of connor killing blue coats? Hell, did americans even exist back then? Weren't they all people who left britain to start anew... so techniqually they are all british anyways.


You've been hating on Ac3 since they announced the setting -_-

omi25p2268d ago

Correction. I said as long as he is neutral im fine with it nd il be getting the game. Because if he wass to take sides he would take sides with the English because we lose. He can't be on the winning side because then that would mean the assassins have won a huge war which they have never done according to the story in the previous games.

The fact he is clearly working for the patriots is why im not interested. Because it goes against the entire story so not to upset America. Il also not buy the game because of Ubisoft lying about the fact he is neutral when in over 30minutes of footage he is shown killing only redcoats

Conzul2267d ago

Yeah you have to admit that, for a "nuetral" character, he does wear quite a lot of Red, White, and Blue.

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user54670072268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Oh well that confirms it then, it's just going to be some game where you kill a ton of British people

As I've said before I hate how they are doing this because for me, after reading everything in the AC games, they are going against what they've said about America and the Templars.

"So, it sounds you’ll be killing people who are British, but aren’t necessarily fighting for the British, and are only technically British because they come from the British colonies"

So your also killing British people who aren't even involved with the British wow

Thanks Ubisoft for lying to us, don't see why you sugar coated it

"Connor is netural" my arse


"One of the more obvious difficulties is how to structure a story on the American Revolution without making either the Americans or English look like the bad guys, something Turner’s aware "

"Crucial to making Assassin’s Creed 3 feel unbiased is making hero Connor impartial. “It was important he was outside of the conflict,” explains Turner. “He’s not British or Colonial and has his own reasons for being involved, his own path that happens to intersect with the Revolution.”

"Connor’s trajectory through the Revolution isn’t one sided at all"

"At that point it’s not about American or English; it’s about English and English and that’s something we want to be very clear on."

Yeah...ok Ubisoft...whatever

Sandmano2268d ago

Aha yes I understand now. I havent been following this game that much. About what you said about Americans getting pissy well its expected. Americans are known for this. They love it when they dish it out BUT they get all pissy as you put it when their on the receiving end and they cant take it. So it is to be expected.

I like your points BUT the one that undermines them all is that Conner is an ASSASSIN Im pretty sure its in their nature not to pick sides so hence him being neutral but yeah I guess your right the Brits are getting a beating from their half Brit brethren...

user54670072268d ago

So because I care about a games story and that I have to watch it go back against what the previous games have told us...I care too much

Yeah theres gamers out there who care about some games more then others if they are a fan of the franchise.

Especialy if theres an entire interview of them lying to us...that though is called bringing up a point and backing it with evidence

VanillaBear2268d ago

Whats with the disagrees against Mikes comment

It's not like he's just came out with a load of bullshit he actualy has a good link to back up his point

Ubisoft lied big can't disagree with that

Would Americans really want to ruin AC story, make it so it goes back on what it's previously told us just so they don't have to be the bad guys for once...I mean REALLY, come on.

easthastings2268d ago

Considering that this game occurs before, during, and after the war, would it not be wise to wait and see what the story holds? These are assumptions based on trailers and current interviews, that is, pre-release material that outlines the general premise of the story but leads us no further. Are we all expecting a story, from the Assassins Creed universe no doubt, that would play so straight forward and against it's own canon? It makes no sense to accuse the developers and writers of lying to us at this point. Connor (who is a NATIVE American) even states in the gameplay dialogue we have seen that he only cares about going after the Templars, of which Matt Turner even stated that they are everywhere. Until we see how the story unfolds when the game is released, we have no clue as to what side Conner is on by the end. I cannot stress that last sentence enough. With that said, whining and pointing fingers over trailer material and disregarding developer reassurance is immature.

Even more, this whole complaint department seems on average to be about who kills who. Does it really matter that much? As a Canadian, I don't always think very highly of my southern neighbors, but I really don't care if I am assassinating the British, French, or Americans in this game. Further, development is largely undertaken through Ubisoft Montreal (their largest studio). That means a lot is developed in Quebec, a Canadian-French dominant province in Canada. Ubisoft is also a French owned company. I am stating all of this because maybe if this was developed in the United States, you could connect the dots and form a loose rant. But it is not. Lets wait until the game comes out and stop acting like a bunch over sensitive kids.

Karlnag32267d ago

THANK YOU! Congrats for bringing logic to this discussion. As you said, it takes place before during and after, all we've seen is the during part, and it's safer to assume that just because Connor is (seemingly) sided with the Americans during the war, it doesn't mean he'll stay that way. He's just doing what he has to do to accomplish his own agenda. And again, as you said, he says he's only after the Templars.

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WeskerChildReborned2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Lol i noticed he answered a question about if the British were the enemies but he basically said you're fighting all sides even though the only beings you're fighting other than the British is the animals lol.

mamotte2268d ago

They're not British. They're just pixels.

rezzah2268d ago

You speak the truth but people are primarily affected by the social aspect behind the reasoning, not the reality of the situation.

Strip all titles from a person from america and Britain and all you have left are two humans.

Personally it would have been better if you could kill both, for the sake of those who are deeply wounded by their social beliefs.

And if the truth of the matter is that Britains were chosen to be killed over the americans for the sake of sales, then that is shameful but understandable.

Sorrow242267d ago

You CAN kill both. People are just too damn dumb to wait until the game is actually out before criticizing.

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