PlayStation Store Global Update – June 5, 2012

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week's PlayStation Store Update.

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thorstein2299d ago

I don't. This ensures that I won't get any exercise this summer! B-stards! lulz.

decimalator2300d ago

whoa, best store update ever

i_da_pappy2300d ago

if you're a ps+ subscriber like me. downloading infamous 2 and ratchet and clank right now.

killcycle2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

fucking ridiculous!
Motorstorm Apocalypse FULL RETAIL GAME
Little Big Planet 2 FULL RETAIL GAME

many others too here in the UK all for FREE WTF how are they making money?

SO damn generous.


lorianguy2299d ago

And that's only half of the free stuff on there at the moment :)
I can only assume they have a department of organized crime to make money off of.

The Great Melon2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Just wanted to check, are free games only playable during the time you have a playstation plus account? Or is this promotion different from the past restrictions with the free content on playstation plus.

Drithe2299d ago

YOu ever wonder that half of these people are actually Sony employees? GO SONY LIKE WOAAAAH!!!

End of Line.

thorstein2299d ago

Motorstorm Apocalypse? Are you sure? I looked at the site, but is there another that lists more games?

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killcycle2299d ago

ppl disagreeing with decimalators comment about it being the best store update ever. I'd like someone to give a single store update that beats this in all the years of psn existance.

Kappa Mikey2299d ago

My 60 GB Hard drive can't handle all these games :'( Looks like Im gonna have to upgrade Lol.

agentace2299d ago

Im downloading 52gbs of free games now, so yeah your 60gb hdd has no chance lol

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AznGaara2300d ago

12 free games. I'm so glad I renewed my subscription.

Xof2300d ago

Technically speaking, they're not free, they're rentals.

snake-OO2300d ago

unlike rentals they dont have to be sent back, or wait till gamely delivers it. there available at your leisure.

Xof2300d ago

@snake-OO: that just make's 'em indefinite/unlimited rentals. It's a (very) nice deal, don't get me wrong, but they're not free games--they're gone the moment you stop paying that PS+ subscription.

Christopher2300d ago

***unlike rentals they dont have to be sent back, or wait till gamely delivers it. there available at your leisure.***

Just like rentals, when you stop paying for the subscription, you lose all access to them.

killcycle2299d ago

i pay £20 a year for my PS+ Subscription, that's 2 hours of work. a YEAR!

Auron2299d ago

exactly theyre just like gamefly.. once the membership is over you no longer can play the games.

Snake -oo therye still rentals.

Anyways very good addition to the PS+ service.

trouble_bubble2299d ago

lol @ the game hoarders taking shots at Plus. So you guys have never rented anything or traded anything back after a couple days or a week, eh? You play one game a year and keep playing it after you 1000/1000 it or platinum it, right?

Mmhmm. -wink-

I can assure you, I won't be playing R&C All4One co-op a year from now when my sub' expires and I've moved on to BioShockInfinite, TombRaider, GOW Ascension etc, but for right now, I'm happy to have it and have more than enough time to get my fill. Playing games > than just talking about them.

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acemonkey2300d ago

cool lol dont we also get a year of plus b.c were already memebers?

doctorstrange2300d ago

That was only for people at E3 :(

SuperStrokey11232300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

no acemonkey, its only for the people in the crowd...

Edit: Who in the hell is disagreeing? The free year was only for the people in attendance.

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