Madden: The Gift Or The Curse

Now that the NFL DRAFT is over, the most anticipated football game is about to update its roster, with the newly drafted freshmen class of 2013. If you have no clue on what game I am referring too, IT IS MADDEN 2013. I know I am about to get called every name in the book by all our ESPN 2K Sports fans (and you may have a valid point), but this is the only football game that we have and we are stuck playing this year once again, LIKE IT or NOT.

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dubt722267d ago

This is not only the worst football article I've ever seen, but maybe the worst video game article as well. Placing an emphasis on whether or not Top 5 picks will succeed, and how that is the question? That's always the question! Comparing Madden and 2K football? The last 2K football game is 8 years old, so there can be no comparison, and this is from someone who laments its passing. Terrible waste of time...