Nintendo Land fails to rekindle the Wii Sports flame

Gamasutra- "The tennis game in Nintendo's Wii Sports was perhaps a perfect showcase for what Nintendo was trying to accomplish with the original Wii. It defined the system -- and its intended audience -- by offering a control scheme that addressed the button anxiety that non-game players suffered by nearly eliminating them entirely.

Players being handed a Wii remote for the first time intuitively knew how to hit a tennis ball. It might have taken a second to acknowledge that actually swinging a video game controller would do something on screen, but it immediately clicked.

So when Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said on Tuesday that the company's launch-bound virtual theme park Nintendo Land "does for Wii U what Wii Sports did for Wii," we decided to put his claim to the test."

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2232d ago

Not according to some of the people who have played it Hands-On.

ronin4life2232d ago

They spent too much time on it. And with one of the more lackluster(and easiest to explain, yet it still tok forever...) of the demo games at the show.

It was the presentation that sucked. Just announcing it and showing a quick video would have been better.

dark-hollow2232d ago

i think its their shot to introduce their IPs to the casuals so when a full fledged game is revealed they will be more familiar with those as they knew about it from nintendo land.
specially franchises like F-zero and pikmin.

kinda like (am sure of it) a lot of people never heard about F-zero or earthbound only from super smash.

Y_51502232d ago

Yeah they should make a new Ice Climbers game for the Wii U. I can see that as a really good game!

shanethepornstar2232d ago

all my contacts say boooo. the problem is reggie he's a pizza man not a gamer like us. how far do they plan to let him drag nintendo down?

majiebeast2232d ago

Maybe they can get Herman Cain to replace him we would see more Pokemon games then and a 999 plan.

AO1JMM2232d ago

How did something that isnt out already fail?


shanethepornstar2232d ago

pikmin's not going to fail, that was not the point.they could have gotten a zelda WIIu demo ready huge open worlds the towns hyrule castle like skyrim only zelda .something that tugs at the fanboi heart strings. nintendos money printer is the early adopters.are you waiting in line for pikmin or batman?

AO1JMM2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I do not wait in lines so launch day is by mail (online) or not at all. Remember nintendo just did Skyward Sword so the next Zelda will be awhile. I also never played the previous 2 Pikman games either. When I do get a WiiU I will play Aliens Colonial Marines and ZombiU.

Pikman 3 does look like it will be alot of fun though.

--Onilink--2232d ago

i think people who be/had been happier about this if they had just confirmed its going to be with every WiiU, because otherwise, most people wont be interested in picking it up.