Recap of Nintendo's E3 Press Conference with Instant Reactions

Recap of Nintendo's much anticipated press event with plenty of funny instant reactions.

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Akuma-2110d ago ShowReplies(7)
Ck1x2110d ago

Being a fanboy has nothing to do with it! This was horrible at best... I almost rather that they talked about the multimedia aspects of the system instead or something.

PirateThom2110d ago

Here's the problem, this thing has been at two E3 events and, so far, it's been a load of games coming late to the platform and the usual Nintendo rehashes. There's still questions about specs, there's still a lack of exclusive games.

When are they actually going to show something worthy of a new platform launch?

MoveTheGlow2110d ago

This platform launch is going to be anything but worthy, if Tuesday was any indication. I'd give it a couple years past launch before picking it up at the least.

Like, seriously, Pikmin 3 is nice, but they needed *one* flagship title to really show off what the Wii U could do, and if that's Nintendoland, I want out.