Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is stunning...and something else. The series is obviously moving away from its straight-stealth roots, but is that what long-time fans want? Reflect with these impressions.

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v0rt3x2264d ago

Can't wait for Sam to return!

AgreeFairy2264d ago

I can't wait for Stealth to return!

Something tells me I'm going to be waiting a while...A LONG while.

chanmasta2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

What happened to Michael Ironside? And also, what happened to the whole "stealth" thing in Splinter Cell games? I tuned in halfway through Microsoft's E3 and saw this and thought it was Ghost Recon or something until they said it was Splinter Cell.

Shadonic2264d ago

Well they had less than 5 minutes to proabably fit in the talking demonstrations release dates and all of that including gameplay that shows most of the things you can do i noticed that you can carry bodies and take them as shields like in previous splinter cell titles as ive been saying before this is like a demonstration its not one of those lets plays on youtube when you have a set amount of time you show all that you can and yes they showed stealth and action and like most games the way you play is all dependent on you. This demonstration just happend to show more of the action oriented side with tid bits of favored actions from the classic splinter cell games.

stuntman_mike2264d ago

I remember when they showed conviction the other year and they had someone else do sams voice at E3 but then later on they revealed Michael Ironside was back doing it, maybe the same again (i hope although sam seems to be getting younger with each iteration, at first i thought it was a prequel?).

OhMyGandhi2264d ago

The game play angered me so damned much. Splinter Cell required actual skill to play, there was no "mark and execute", nor was Sam able to scale huge walls in only a matter of seconds, Assassin's Creed style.
There is no need to aim manually anymore, it's just a glorified quick time event with everything, and the A.I. didn't exhibit much in the way of intelligence either.

Sam drops down on top of a guy, and kills him in a loud sloppy manner, and guys who are -looking- at him don't do anything about it.

Jesus. This is not a splinter cell game. Pandora Tomorrow/Chaos Theory style gameplay will never come back, and I hate that realization.

TLG19912264d ago

the last one was to much action and not enough stealth and tech stuff for my liking and this looks the same

SuperLupe2264d ago

Its the perfect combination of stealth and action for me. I never got into the last gen splinter cells because it was just too focused on stealth.

i prefered Metal Gears approach, stealthy but action packed in its own way and faster gameplay.

ANIALATOR1362264d ago

Splinter Cell has always seemed to complicated gameplay wise for me to switch. MGS has always been easy for me to grasp from 1-4

KillerPwned2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

It looks good, I am very excitied as I am a huge SC fan but I couldnt help to notice all we saw was intense firefights. Now that is great and all but SC was brought up on stealth. We need to see and be assured that this game still has a great form of stealth factor to it. I don't wanna see SC fall into one of those games that is just all about constant action.

Mix it up like Chaos Theory for example did a great job. You can go in guns blazing or never be seen. Either way it was rewarding and fun.