AC130 & Tank Superiority Drive their way into Battlefield Armored Kill

Check out the latest gameplay shots from Battlefield 3 Armored Kill. Featuring new vehicles, maps, and new game modes.

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Andreas-Sword2263d ago

I love the AC130 from Modern Warfare 2 :)
I hope the AC 130 will be playable at the all "BF3: Armored Kill"-DLC maps.

ATi_Elite2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Call of Duty AC 130 = you just pressing the shoot button as you SPAWN KILL!

Battlefield 3 AC 130 = someone flying while another person mans the guns and you actually having to aim to get kills and use flares and tactics to avoid AAA, enemy aircraft, and RPG's.

*Yeh I know u can't flay the AC 130 but guess what....that will change for us on Modded private servers, just like the AC130 mod for BF2*

Elwenil2263d ago

If DICE is keeping up with the current trends that would be an AC-130U Spooky II, not the AC-130H Specter. The Specter no longer has the 20mm Vulcan and it appears the gunship in the games has a cannon so it's probably the Spooky II's 25mm GAU-12/U 5 barrel.

Nafon2263d ago

You will never able to fly it. At least not in the next few years...

SillyBastid2257d ago

confirmed it will not be pilotable... based on a base capture

Wenis2263d ago

So let me get this straight... a mod for a game that came out in 2002 has a flyable AC-130, but 10 years later we finally get another AC-130 but it isn't flyable.

Boy, talk about 'progression'.

MurDocINC2263d ago

Yea I miss that ac130, I was so good at flying it. would line up my gunners perfectly, then watch them rain hell while dodging rockets from the ground.
When I wasnt flying it, I loved taking a jet and gliding behind. Spraying the inside, killing everybody. Good old DC days.

OneAboveAll2263d ago

And console users are paying the same price as PC and getting less. Don't expect to actually be playing on the full map because there will only be 3 damn flags.

Hufandpuf2263d ago

Wait so if you can't drive it, how do you take it down? It would be so far away.

Nafon2263d ago

It flys a pre-determined path for a time limit, probably. Or it circles around the map one time. If you havent seen the screenshots, it looks like it flys at around 400m in the air, so taking it down with jets and helis should be easy.

SillyBastid2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

the trailer shows jets attacking it, so its not just some timed event, you will need to destroy it.

There will also be one base that allows you to control it, if that base is taken over, bye bye AC-130

BALLARD322263d ago

That'll make the game even more unbalanced. Jesus.

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