Randy Pitchford: ‘Wii U is perfect fit for Aliens Colonial Marines’

Randy Pitchford has described the Wii U as a perfect fit for Aliens Colonial Marines, praising the TouchPad controller.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2265d ago

Dang Randy, if you like it so much why don't you marry it.
Just joking, keep your filthy hands off my WiiU.

Hisiru2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I won't let this guy touch my WiiU.

Only god knows what he is capable of.

Ck1x2265d ago

Now it's upsetting, because if he's so pleased he should have come out on stage and showed game play running on the WiiU.

shackdaddy2265d ago

That would have made the conference a lot better...

user54670072265d ago

Thats actualy a really good point

Yeah Randy why didn't you come onto Nintendos E3 stage if it's so good.

mamotte2265d ago

I wanna hear more about the wiiU... but not from this guy anymore.

Tornadobounce2265d ago

Can't wait to have my own personal motion tracker!

DivineAssault 2265d ago

I think it takes just as much time & effort to make beautiful games on it as it does on ps3.. Only thing is that ps3 already has them incoming & one can only be hopeful for wii u.. Also by the time that happens, ps4 will be arriving.. Sony held back this year cuz theyre hard at work designing ps4 with as little mistakes as possible to avoid what they didnt see coming from microsofts media aspect.. But either way, wii u turned off alot of ppl that wouldve been potential customers with the whole disney land show & weak looking games

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