GameInformer Conference Reaction: Nintendo Comes Out Swinging

GameInformer, Jeff Cork- "Nintendo tried its best to appeal to core gamers, too, but the majority of its stage time was devoted to core Nintendo fans. It seemed like a mistake to relegate the majority of those core games to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it video reel, but Nintendo never seems to take the obvious route.

Like I said earlier, it may take publishers a while to wrap their heads around the Wii U, and what kinds of interesting things it's capable of. Until that happens, Nintendo can lean on its first-party games to help it through a dry spell."

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Machioto2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Yeah,swinging at the air because there weren't any heavy hitters or swinging on a swing because only people having more fun was them.

ShinMaster2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

They were supposed to convince gamers as to why we should get a Wii U soon instead of waiting a year or so for the next PlayStation or Xbox.

But instead, they showed another upgrade to the New Super Mario DS game and a bunch of multiplatform games that we already played and will be playable on PS3 and 360.
They didn't make me feel like I needed to buy a whole new system for most of these games.

Where were the big reveals!? Where's Zelda, Smash Bros, Star Fox, Metroid!?

MySwordIsHeavenly2175d ago

I feel like most third parties didn't show up for E3 this year...

I think they're all signed on for the next PlayStation and Xbox. That's my theory though.

morganfell2175d ago

It's a good theory. There are so many resources dedicated to next gen at the moment. It amazes me we saw some of the things that we did.

That said, Nintendo swinging? Maybe in a Liston Phantom punch way.

Clarence2175d ago

That was a horrible conference by Nintendo. They should had a better looking Mario game, maybe even something on Zelda.

Pretty much all the hardcore games they showed, I have on my PS3 and 360.

TreMillz2175d ago

They came out swinging alright...SWING AND A MISS!

WooHooAlex2175d ago

If they showed a single exclusive game to look forward to, or even a major third party game like Call of Duty, GTAV, Bioshock, it could have been a completely different story. It seems like Nintendo was banking on games like NintendoLand to sell us on the WiiU ... and it didn't work.

I think it could be different next E3 when they can show off Smash Bros and a new Mario or Zelda or something, but it might be too late then, Sony and MS will probably be showing off their next-gen consoles next year and the third parties will be developing games that the WiiU probably can't handle. They were alone in the spotlight this year and they dropped the ball.

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