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GRUK: "If Dead Space is akin to Scott's Alien, and its sequel matching Cameron's action-packed Aliens, what direction then for Dead Space 3?"

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Hisiru2181d ago

looks like crap. It's not Dead Space and I am really sad they did such an horrible thing with my favorite survival horror series.

No buy from me.

AbyssGravelord2181d ago

This is terrible, It's Lost Gears Planet of Two in space. Terrible terrible stuff. Way to kill off all your fans.

Philoctetes2181d ago

Co-op = no buy. At least not until it hits the bargain bin. I don't feel like babysitting Sheva again.

MdotBreed2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

In an interview, the dev said that you can still play in a single player mode without the other character playing along side of you. The co-op mode is sorta like what Multiplayer was to DS2; an additional and optional mode. I speculate this other guy is just a figment of Isaac's imagination anyway. So even though the game may have become a Gears clone, at least you don't have to deal with idiotic friendly AI.