Destructoid- South Park: The Stick of Truth feels like the show

Destructoid, Hamza CTZ Aziz- "South Park games have never really been the best and, after that last one that came out earlier this year, I had zero expectations on Obsidian's take of the hilarious show. After getting a demo of South Park: The Stick of Truth and seeing just how the game plays, I have to say it's now become one of my highlights of E3.

The Stick of Truth marks the biggest storyline Matt Stone and Trey Parker have put into a South Park since the movie. The duo worked closely with developer Obsidian and (of course) are voicing pretty much everyone and everything."

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Snookies122232d ago

I love it... I love it so much... This game looks freaking hilariously amazing. Keeping all the comedy from the shows and "sticking" it right into an RPG. (See what I did there? Lol) Honestly, I cannot wait for this game! The trailer alone made me laugh like heck.

BitbyDeath2232d ago

Lookin forward to this.
South Park and Halo 4 were the true stars behind MS's conference.