Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Call of Duty?

The Call of Duty franchise has become the standard against which all other video games are measured. Unfortunately, it’s not a measure of quality but of revenue. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the latest in this long-running and increasingly diversifying brand, generated over $1 billion in revenue in just 16 days. This smashed the previous record for the biggest entertainment launch which had been held by, you guessed it, another Call of Duty game ,Black Ops. Why in the world would anyone stop making these games when they consistently generate those kinds of revenues? Artistic integrity? We all know that never pays the bills.

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Hufandpuf2268d ago

I think these articles need to stop. We all lose our hair from rage every year, but it doesn't stop Activsion. They just keep making money while we keep poking our lips out. The best solution is to just STOP buying COD. Sitting here asking about it won't do any good because more than likely people are going to buy it anyway.

Gamer Muzz2268d ago

I'd say just the opposite. Gamers not only NEED to talk about it. they need to make sure the developers know it's what they're thinking. I agree that not buying it is also necessary but not talking about it is never the answer.

Xof2268d ago

Without pointless, trite drivel, the gaming media--and, by extension, N4G--would not exist.

MrMister2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

And yet, here you are, making a comment on this apparently pointless, trite, blah, blah, blah site. Oh but i'm sure your opinion holds more weight, right? Also, I dont care for COD and how the industry is copying it's style and using it to ruin other franchises. However, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but the only opinion's WORTH hearing are those that can be explained. Kind of like science: If you can't explain it, then it's kind of not worth telling/hearing about.

Gamer Muzz2266d ago

I don't think there's anything pointless or trite about speaking ones opinion on one of the biggest contributing factors to the future of gaming right now.

christian hour2268d ago

Is there such a thing as a rhetorical question?

Any site/blog that's only coming to this conclusion now or discussing it now is clearly just trollin' for hits, it became too much when it started getting yearly installments. I agree with the above too, we need to talk about this, we need to vocalise our disgust more so than the people who praise this game like its the second coming of a popular fictional character and we also need to stop buying activisions yearly 60 euro expansion packs. Sadly I know several people, as I'm sure most of you here do, that speak the devil of activision and "yet another COD", then these very same people are playing it day one, my only explanation is peer pressure, like they're going to miss out on something if they don't get this years COD perhaps.

Sigh :( What has happened to our lovely gaming counter-culture? You can expect those same people to have the latest iPhones and what-have-yous to replace their "outdated" iPhone's... and what-have-you's.

RayRay362268d ago

Would the world have been better off without Call of Duty?

SuperBeast8112268d ago

no it would be the same it does not have that big of an impact only in gaming is that what you meant?

RayRay362268d ago

It doesn't have that big of an impact? Just stop...

Gamer Muzz2266d ago

Not better off without. But it WOULD be better off if the developers/publishers weren't exploiting the franchise and those who buy it. it's a clear indication that they are not making games for art or for the gamers, but for the $$ over all else.

RayRay362266d ago

Why not better off without? I'm just interested. I do take kids playin COD seriously. It's war, even GTA can't equate IMO. I just see nothing good coming from it.

Gamer Muzz2265d ago

RayRay36 - Not better without because we need a wide variety of games. Some people like FPS games and that's good. It stimulates the market. We need many genres to keep developers making all sorts of games and bringing innovation to them. All types of games are necessary. even if I personally think a game like MW is lame. The problem is when one type of game becomes popular on a massive level and we start getting cookie cutter crap. the same thing over and over. Whoring out the franchise until it dies. (like they did with guitar hero)and every developer trying to add one to the mix. thats what the problem is.

Lord_Sloth2268d ago

Yes there is and we hit it a while ago.

Not likely because some1 else would have came along and made the same game for everybody to try and copy leading to a stupid number of shooters.

MRMagoo1232267d ago

Yes there is and we hit it a LONG while ago.

i fixed it for ya lord_sloth

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