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Halo 4 Spartans Ops & Multiplayer - 3 new videos

During a private Showcase, 343 Industries reveal 3 new videos about the UNSC Infinity, home of the multiplayer for Halo 4, and Spartan Ops coop mission. (343 Industries, E3, Halo 4, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

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aviator189  +   1082d ago
This is really turning out to quite the Halo game, in regards to both the campaign and multi-player. Btw, does anyone know what that sliding ability is where sparks are ignited under you?
OneAboveAll  +   1082d ago
Never been excited for a Halo game. I own all of them and i'v played them countless hours because they are fun but this is the first time i'v wanted to build a time machine to get to the release day!

tigertron  +   1082d ago
This is looking to be the best Halo game ever made. Could this top the first?
lastdual  +   1082d ago
It will be hard, but maybe.

I kind of wish they didn't already reveal the new enemies. One of the best parts of Halo 1 was the surprise when you first discovered the Flood.
Shadowvic  +   1082d ago
what if there's something we don't know yet?

Chances are they're hiding an enemy so we could be surprised during campaign or something....at least I hope so lol
ShottySnipa417  +   1082d ago
I highly doubt those are the ONLY enemies we'll be seeing. These guys are probably the standard-issue, mass-produceable guys.

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