Halo 4 Spartans Ops & Multiplayer - 3 new videos

During a private Showcase, 343 Industries reveal 3 new videos about the UNSC Infinity, home of the multiplayer for Halo 4, and Spartan Ops coop mission.

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aviator1892300d ago

This is really turning out to quite the Halo game, in regards to both the campaign and multi-player. Btw, does anyone know what that sliding ability is where sparks are ignited under you?

OneAboveAll2300d ago

Never been excited for a Halo game. I own all of them and i'v played them countless hours because they are fun but this is the first time i'v wanted to build a time machine to get to the release day!


tigertron2300d ago

This is looking to be the best Halo game ever made. Could this top the first?

lastdual2300d ago

It will be hard, but maybe.

I kind of wish they didn't already reveal the new enemies. One of the best parts of Halo 1 was the surprise when you first discovered the Flood.

Shadowvic2300d ago

what if there's something we don't know yet?

Chances are they're hiding an enemy so we could be surprised during campaign or least I hope so lol

ShottySnipa4172300d ago

I highly doubt those are the ONLY enemies we'll be seeing. These guys are probably the standard-issue, mass-produceable guys.