Platforms Holders Push Second Screens at E3 2012, Pointlessly Augmenting Games

All the big E3 press conferences are now over and, besides a few big announcements, the show was pretty dull. But there is one thing in particular that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony really want you to care about, and that’s your second screen. Here’s why you shouldn’t. - PSLS

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decimalator2207d ago

Great image, I love fat princess.

Really, the PS Vita controller and the Project Glass is all reaction to the Wii U. Sony and Microsoft don't want a repeat of the motion control debacle of this gen where the Wii ran away with the market because of the motion control fad.

Secondary screens and mobile connectivity and such are going to be this next generation's motion control, whether we like it or not.

Yi-Long2207d ago

... I can see it working for some games (Pokemon), and for certain aspects of games (photography), but right now they (developers) are shoehorning it into every game just so they can tack that 'gimmick-box'...

When I'm playing FIFA13 or whatever, I don't want to go into a conversation with my console about substitutions, or look down at my controller or a tablet/phone to adjust stuff. I just want to focus on the screen.

I much rather see FIFA improve in other areas, like bringing back the amount of endless screens and menus before I can start playing, or improving the replays and their sucky upload-site with only 5 slots for short uploads, or improving the player-editor, etc etc etc.

Instead, they are bragging about Kinect voice-control and Project Glass and whatever...