No More Room in Hell. Handguns, almost like in the Wild West - AlterGamer

“Oh, wait, could you just leave that rifle for me? How about the shotgun? Oh come on, can I at least have the chainsaw? No? Great… all I have left are these handguns…” In fact, it’s not that bad. While everybody will be running around with their “big guns” you will have an equally powerful weapon, and have the option of carrying around a bigger melee weapon. Every zombie movie had handguns, and shotguns. Unlike the “big boys”, handguns are easier to wield and conceal. You can easily carry a handgun and not be hindered by its weight. As you can imagine, a lot of people also have handguns for protection, hidden away in their homes. So it becomes mildly obvious that during the zombie apocalypse almost everybody would have a handgun. No More Room in Hell is no exception.

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