Metro 2033 sales reach 1.5 million

JS:It's no secret that THQ's Metro 2033 "wasn't properly nurtured," but the game's cult status has translated into over 1.5 million sales since its launch in March 2010 across Xbox 360 and PC.

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NYC_Gamer1933d ago

That's solid sales for a game with zero marketing

Dante1121933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I don't get it. Metro 2033 sold 1.5 million altogether across two platforms (PC and Xbox360) and it's considered solid sales. Yet when Resistance 3 sold 1.2 million in lesser time across one platform (PS3), it was considered a flop in sales. Both had very little marketing and were held to high standards as far as quality. Both didn't have high development cost as well (UC2 development was 20 million and that came out in 09). Why is it different for Metro 2033 (Solid sales)?

NYC_Gamer1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Metro:2033 was a fresh unknown franchise with no type of fan base and no marketing and sold 1.5...Resistance 3 had the advantage marketing and fan base/budget wise and only moved 1.2...

Pandamobile1933d ago

Resistance 3 was a big game, and I'm sure had a 4-5x bigger budget :)

Draperc1933d ago

I think that's mainly because R3 is a sequel in a franchise where the first two games sold around 3-4 million each, and R3 had more marketing than Metro 2033 had.

So for a new IP that had little to no marketing, 1.5 million is fairly decent numbers, but for a 3rd installment in a series where previous games sold twice that much and had a fair amount of marketing, it's not that good.

Dante1121933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Metro 2033 had some marketing as well (Site banner across different sites and 3 60 second tv spot commercials).


I think I saw one Resistance 3 commercial back then with maybe a background wallpaper on I don't know what the budget was for Metro 2033 or Resistance 3 though. I can only assume for both games.

Edit: This kinda reminds me of the whole Alan Wake vs Heavy Rain sales debate. Idk how, but people were calling both those games flops when I think Heavy Rain did like 2 million it's first year.

@ Hisiru

Suddenly PS3 exclusives are marketed well huh? Resistance 3 had the marketing of 3 million dollars. I'm sure it costs way more to air those Metro 2033 commercials for that month.


Hisiru1933d ago

Resistance 3 was heavily promoted (huge marketing) and it was an exclusive game for one console.

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a_bro1933d ago

game deserves more than 1.5 million.

NYC_Gamer1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

That's THQ fault..The Company never made any attempt to market Metro;2033...Instead they pushed that Homefront piece of garbage with ads and everything else...

tallkidoPL1933d ago

Solid games like this and witcher need more sales!!

They better market the hell out of metro last light!!

InTheLab1933d ago

Kills me how shallow shooter 2012 will sell 5 million day 1 but shooters like Metro 2033 get overlooked. That game was brilliant. Love the bullet currency and the atmosphere..

And maxed out on PC....blows most other games away...

kevnb1933d ago

Proves reviews mean nothing, ign gave this awesome game 6.9.