GameTrailers: Sony - E3 2012: Jack Tretton All Access Live Interview (Stream)

Sony CEO Jack Tretton stops by the All Access Live set for a quick interview with Geoff Keighley about PlayStation's presence at E3

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krisq2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Jack is the man! He cares about us.

Dante1122298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Cares about money but yeah, I think Sony is more focused on giving gamers what they want than Microsoft right now (New IP GAMES). The Last of Us and Beyond blew me away.

gaffyh2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

At least he doesn't talk complete bollocks like Reggie and Don Mattrick. If you've watched their interviews, they don't even answer a question properly.

axerated2298d ago

ive always thought theres something kinda mafia about tretton, such a cool guy

DivineAssault 2298d ago

E3 sucked but Sony won in my book

MK24ever2298d ago

I think even for rabid fanboys of other companies it's difficult not to love Jack Tretton, you feel you can talk to him as if you know him for a long time, such a nice guy, I miss Phill Harrison on Sony, he was very cool to, now he's on Microsoft, I wanted to see him on the PC... oh well, next year maybe.

izumo_lee2298d ago

With Jack you can feel the passion he has for the company & the gaming industry in general. He also has a passion for us gamers since he knows without us there is no gaming industry.

He seems sincere whenever he speaks & he can have a witty sarcastic sense of humor sometimes. Phil Harrison was suave & businesslike but Jack is a cool customer.