Black Ops 2 aims high, but is it taking the wrong approach?

Black Ops 2 looks interesting, but is Treyarch trying to make the franchise into something it can never be?

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THR1LLHOUSE2146d ago

This seems like such a weird concept. Like, there were aerial drones and tank drones in previous COD games. GR: Future Soldier has those little helicopters all over the place...It doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of interesting stuff happening in BLOPS2, and like the author says, I think a part of that is because it's being forced into being what a Call of Duty games has to be: The triple-A-est of the triple-A.

jjb19812146d ago

As much as I'd hate to admit it but regardless of how much I want to not buy black ops 2, its already preordered and paid in full. Regardless of the smack its gonna receive, millions of people are going to be standing outside at midnight launch in the freezing cold...