With Beyond, The Last of Us, Wonderbook, Sony understands appetite for newness

Gamasutra- Sony clearly understood it needed to emphasize that it was still full of creative energy and inventor’s spirit at the end of a day that, for most, had been mainly about the risk aversion and genre fatigue inherent at the end of a long console cycle on display to other pressers today, it demonstrated a bigger breadth of focus, committed to its Vita and its mobile phone strategy, to creating a robust and quirky PlayStation Network through relationships with indie, and through backing unusual AAA IP like Quantic Dream's.

It's possible the core market is narrowing, although whether or not that's because the AAA industry is targeting such a specific vertex of players is a chicken-or-egg situation. But Sony clearly did its best to show it knows what people want from E3: Something different, already.

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j-blaze2144d ago

The Last of Us is from first party Sony studio so yeah HAIL SONY! -_- i don't care one bit for that game.....but Beyond is made by an independent studio Quantic Dream they were making these kind of games since Fahrenheit so thanks to them!

wanieldiik2144d ago

just reading your comments is giving me a headache

Sevir2144d ago

PS-Allstars was great and GOW:A was beautiful.. But I really fell asleep through Ubi's demo of farcry3, and that laborious dull Wonderbook crap! They didn't need to show it!