E3 2012 Day One: Winners And Losers | Gameblurb

GameBlurb writes, "E3 is moving at a pretty fast pace...Day One has come and gone and now it is time to reflect on the parts of the show that amazed, and those that disappointed."

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NastyLeftHook02233d ago

So far...


jaidek2233d ago

To be honest, many of the press conferences have been underwhelming. Even the Wii U unveil was a bit lackluster. So far the most memorable moments this E3 were Watch Dogs and The Last of Us.

camel_toad2233d ago

Watch Dogs was an awesome surprise. Looks to have nice new game ideas. Last of Us looked great, and you cant forget Beyond... Awesome stuff. Im glad we finally got to see good ol Splinter Cell too, too bad no Ironside though.

Dante1122233d ago

Can't even lie, Watch Dogs looked amazing, probably my game of E3. The Last of Us looked amazing as well. The AI was incredible. These two games made E3.

n4f2233d ago

fanboy or not fanboy you have to agree that e3 suck this year.
stop being polite. be realistic. im more of a nintendo fan and i have to agree that e3 suck. and please dont tell me sony or ms show something better. no one show sh!t and dont tell me to wait till next years, ive been waiting for a better e3 since 2009.

StreetsofRage2233d ago

Halo 4 all the way!!! Easily my winner. Love the art direction, the graphics, and the story is going to be insanity. If you read the novels, their is a lot of nice surprises coming.

camel_toad2233d ago

Halo graphically looked great but the gameplay shown (while im sure the whole game will have varied gameplay) was totally underwhelming. Ive shot little badguys in so many fps now. Wish they had shown something a little more unique than the usual cannon fodder.

StreetsofRage2233d ago

I know exactly what you're saying. Halo 4's gameplay is still Halo. I was saying the same thing about The Last of Us. I wanted something new and something different and everything shown is still the same game play we all played. What gives Halo 4 a slight pass is that it's a sci fi game and you get "different" with new and creative sci fi enemies.

Although in the Halo 4 trailer you see Master Chief punch and kick. Their was a game a long time ago called Breakdown or something like that where you were able to do all kinds of butt kicking moves. I would love to put my gun down and just use my fists.