Hands-On With The Wii U, Nintendo’s Risky New Revolution

"The Wii U does not give the immediately-wonderful first impression that the world-famous Wii did. But after having played some of the games Nintendo has made for its next console, I'm certain the Wii U has great potential.", writes Kotaku.

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DivineAssault 2237d ago

potential dont mean squat! without games, systems are useless & none shown were system selling exclusives (to me) that cant be found elsewhere or months ago.. Vita has potential & look at how much was shown..

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2237d ago

Nice to read that the Mini-games in Nintendoland are fun and look great.

stuntman_mike2237d ago

You have to ask yourself did nintendo do a good job of selling the WiiU to you at the E3 conference, on that conference alone NO. but i'm still planning to get one but i'm more cautious of it now.

and of course there will be more games to come. i really liked the MiiVerse interface tho.

Hisiru2237d ago

They also talked about it at Nintendo Direct and I was impressed with the social features but I need more games.